What are Cloud PBX Services for Small Business Owners?

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Author: James Allen

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One of the major problems the majority of small business owners confront is having a communication system that is efficient, affordable and least bothersome. The one simple solution to this seemingly complex problem is availing the Clod PBX.

Time is most valuable for any business house – more so, for small businesses that have limited employees. With Cloud PBX in place, small businesses need not have to spend time running and maintaining A PBX as the entire responsibility gets shifted to the service provider.

Due to rapid advancements in telecommunication sector and the emergence of fierce competition, Cloud technology has become more accessible and affordable to small enterprises. The fact also remains that in today's market scenario, if you want your small business to stay and thrive, you need to have an efficient communication system with all the advanced features.

Being "in the cloud" simply means that the entire telephony platform is hosted on the Internet. The prime benefit of cloud-PBX for small business is the tremendous cost savings as you will not be required to invest in any costly hardware. As you will not be buying /owning any equipment, you will also be free from the bother of its maintenance.

Modern phone systems with all its numerous attendant features are essential to facilitate communication internally as well as externally - with your employees, customers, suppliers, business associates and all other stakeholders. With Cloud PBX, even small businesses can avail all the advanced functions that are on a par with PBX systems used by large corporations.

Small businesses will certainly derive immense benefits when switching over from traditional phone lines to contemporary technologies like Cloud PBX. Small business owners need no longer be worrying about the functioning of their phone system and about missed customer calls. Find Me -Follow Me is an attractive feature of a Cloud PBX that enables customers to get in touch with someone even if he or she is not in the office.

With Cloud PBX, customers who call your business will be met with pleasant business greetings by an auto-receptionist and that will boost the image of your business establishment. All small business owners would understandably appreciate having a virtual secretary that answers all incoming phone calls immediately and professionally.

If no one is around to respond to a call or if there are multiple calls, the auto attendant can set callers on hold and forward calls to the concerned persons/departments. If a client calls your office and if the call is unattended, the call will be automatically forwarded to the person's mobile number or home number Cloud PBX also permits conference calling and that is a great help to any small business.

The other distinct benefit of Cloud PBX for small businesses is its scalability and you will not be required to overbuy now. You can expand the system as your business grows. With Cloud PBX, you also acquire a phone system that helps you send/receive voice calls and faxes.

There is a host of features you can choose from - videoconferencing, instant messaging, voice chat, and PC to mobile phone calls etc. The extra functions and features of a Cloud PBX can boost your business communication efficiency and vastly improve overall employee productivity. Voicemail with email integration and seamless computer integration are also feasible.

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