Tough Questions To Ask When Sales Are Slow

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Author: Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His free Cash Flow Surges blog shares tons of great strategies at his main blog.

Here is what I would do if I was to get into a new business right now, or were suffering from sluggish sales. First thing: I would lock myself away at the library, in a hotel room, or in some form of private location where there are zero distractions and I could dedicate 2 hours minimum (4 hours even better) to this process. It could be the most profitable hours of your life, so probably worth the time.

I would bring reams of paper, a laptop, lots of pens, photos of your loved ones, and/or photos of your dream future (cars, homes, travel destinations, relationships, kids, pictures that remind you of freedom, or passion and of your entrepreneurial dream). Then I would start asking myself some pretty tough questions and putting those answers down on paper.

1) Why am I doing this? What will it give me when I achieve it? (this can be non-monetary goals as well as monetary)

2) How will each and every one of those make me feel? Does that feeling come from deep within the pit of your stomach? Or do you feel it resonating from your heart? Note these things down.

3) Why did I enter/start this business?

4) How long do I want to be in this business? What is my goal I am aiming for after I achieve my greatest goal (retirement, start another business, travel, give to others, etc.)

5) What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my dreams?

6) What won’t I do to achieve those dreams?

7) What makes me as a person different? Write down all your pluses and minuses. Write down all your past jobs, past experiences, past successes and past failures. Write down your unique characteristics.

8) If you could be a superhero, or a world leader – who would you be? What would you do with your average day? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? This may sound silly – but I will tell you this: the most successful people in business and society have this grand vision on who they are now and who they want to be. Everything they do and say drives them towards their goal.

9) What are you great at? What do you suck at?

10) What do you feel your average hourly income should be? Do the math. Write down what you want to earn in a year. Then factor in that less than 50% of your working time will be income generating time – it’s just reality. Now calculate what your average productive hour is worth. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Most people have never calculated this number… yet it opens your mind to what must be done and what must be changed.

11) If money was no object, what would you love to do, to be… who would you hang out with… what would you do in your off hours… the key here is: money is NO object. Write it down.

12) Imagine 30 years from now, you wake up and you are at your own funeral. Who would be giving your eulogy? What would you like to hear them say? Write out the eulogy you would love to hear. (This is a very difficult drill to do – but it can really open your eyes to a wonderful life ahead of you).

Let me ask you this…How many entrepreneurs get into business and ask themselves even ONE of these questions? Few.

They think they can waltz in, make themselves a fortune in any business they choose (because so many people on tv seem to be doing it)… without one thought on what drives them or why people should buy from them, over the 4,999 other alternatives that are going after the same people they are.

Think it through… it’s worth it.

To your success, Troy White PS: Discover how to make your cash flow surge with the street smart marketing tools at my blog You also get one of my favorite case studies of marketing done exceptionally well, The Million Dollar Lobster Report when you sign up for updates on my blog. Discover how two young twenty-something year old brothers turned a simple lobster sale into a million dollar business in just 3 months!

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