Things You Must Know about De Facto Relationship

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A de facto relationship occurs between the two adult people of the same sex or opposite sex who live together as a couple on genuine domestic basis. A de facto couple is not married to one other or even not related by family. In order to execute this type of relation, both persons must be 16 to 17-year-olds. Also, they need to take the consent of their parents to live together. These days, we find many de facto partners separating due to the lack of understanding, property disputes, family issues or some other problems. If you too have such issues and want to separate from your partner, meet a family lawyer to effective deal with your situation. They are aware of family law and court and know how to solve cases.

How to Determine Defacto Relationship

Usually, a defacto relationship is determined on the basis of the duration of the relationship, normal minimum requirement is two years unless a child involved in this relation, the nature and extent of common residence, whether there is a sexual relationship or not, financial relations between the parties, use and acquisition of property, degree of mutual commitment and the ownership, child care, etc. The relationship should be genuine and they must have lived together as a couple. They need to fulfill all terms and conditions required by the family law court to determine whether de facto relationship between the couples exists or not. Remember, your relationship must be legally acceptable.

A de facto relationship status does not affect the day day-to-day care, contact and child support. Whether married or unmarried, parents have the same responsibilities towards their children. They are are responsible for supporting the kids whatever the relationship status is. Even if a child does not live with one of the partners, child support is mandatory by family law. So far, property disputes are concerned, the Family Law Court looks at the needs of the parties post separation to decide on how to respond to an application to adjust the marital property between the two partners. While solving the financial issues between the couples, the court will look into considerations such as the age and health of the parties, an income level of the two, the financial impact on children and many other issues.

Meet Family Expert

The family law courts want to peacefully settle the dispute arising in de facto relationship. The goal is to help both partners to lead a better and comfortable life by resolving all issues related to property, child support, financial issues etc. If you have been in de facto relationship and have separated now, consult an experienced family lawyer for help and advice to peacefully resolve your issues as de facto partners. However, make sure you hire the best lawyer to find affordable as well as quality legal services.

This article on de facto relationship is written by Alina Cruz who is associated with, the dynamic legal service with special focus on family law issues.

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