The Many Types of Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

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There are many different ways to irrigate the plants in a greenhouse. One kind of greenhouse irrigation system is drip irrigation. Some models can sense what kind of moisture is in the plant, and if needed, will water the plant.

This kind of irrigation system is very precise and it runs automatically. This benefits the user because it saves the user a whole bunch of time. Orbit has a drip irrigation kit with all the features listed above. It is called, Drip Irrigation Kit, and its item number is 31264, model number is 67520.

Another item that provides greenhouse irrigation that is also uses drip irrigation is the Juliana Greenhouse Vanlet Gravity Feed Watering System. The model number is JU1075, but the model number for this item is sometimes listed as JUA4201.

It uses gravity to provide a constant drop of water to plants. This one, unlike the previously mentioned, does not sense if water needs to be dripped. Instead, it provides constant drips of water throughout the day.

This could result in over watering of plants, and it needs to be checked on periodically. There are also misting and sprinkling greenhouse irrigation systems. The company, yardlover, offers one like this. The stock number is GJMC350 and the model number is MC530.

It provides bursts of mists every so often, and these bursts of mists provide plants with moisture, humidifies the greenhouse, and cools the greenhouse. Its main use is actually not to water the plants, although it does, but instead to keep the greenhouse cool.

Different nozzles may be needed in order for it to water plants sufficiently. Another example of a misting and sprinkling greenhouse irrigation item is the Sunshine Gardenhouse GH Mist System. The model number is UG1022. This one, just like the one above, gives short bursts of mists in order to cool and irrigate the plants. However, its main purpose is to offer humidity and to cool the greenhouse.

To water plants sufficiently with this, modifications may need to be made. Unlike the previous mentioned one, it does come with a timer, and that can make things easier since it shouldn't need to be checked on often. These are just a few examples of many, but I hope that this article has helped you understand greenhouse irrigation and a few of the systems that can be used.


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