The Importance of Fostering Hobbies In An Autistic Child

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Author: Janvi Ahuja

Hi, this is Janvi Ahuja, content writer and blogger. I'm currently writing about different real estate projects in Noida and publishing blogs on Education and about Charitable Schools in India.

Over the past few years, the cases of Autism have skeptically been rising in India. We today have over 10 million cases of autism and statistical figures are escalating. One out of 88 children is affected with it, since birth.

Fortunately, there has been a tremendous development in terms of treating these people aptly. We have special schools and NGO’s that take care of their development needs. These children, though highly intelligent and deft, usually are very restrictive in terms of the activities they choose to do. They live in a dream like world of their own. These children suffer from social isolation. You may offer love or disrespect and they would hardly reciprocate. Their ability to interact is either absent or minimal. The lack of expression can become severe with age, as they will continue to be withdrawn from the world, thus, being unable to express or tend to their own needs. Hence, it is crucial to establish a breakthrough to their minds.

The experts from a school for mentally challenged believe that cultural activities can be the most effective and sometimes the only mean to establish this connection. Some of this children show natural flair towards one or more of such activities, others may not. If your child is already keen on a hobby, say painting, then it becomes easier, though, you would still have to foster the interest. A co-curricular activity such as music, art, dance etc. can help them develop an interest, which can be a way to vent out their expressions. If it can be cultivated to a certain level, it can even prove to be a vocational endeavor for them, thus, making them self-dependent.

These children are very intelligent but, resilient. They, do not adapt to changes and incase it is forced on them; they shut down every contact with the outer world and withdraw into their own world, thus, jeopardizing all progress made till now. So we need to advance with care while inducing any such hobbies into their routine, says a parent counselor from a school for mentally challenged.

We can subtly proceed by making the child watch other children doing the activity. It could be weeks, or even months before you notice a reaction, so you have to be patient. The key to approach an autistic child is to let the other end loose and wait for him to approach you. So, following the same philosophy you can leave the child with other autistic peers while they pursue their hobbies. During this you should keep the props ready for him, in case he feels like participating. Once, he initiates on his own, you can send him to special schools, that train such children in various hobbies. Thus, you can help your child by fostering such interests.

Janvi Ahuja is an article writer, writing for special school, who provides special education. She also writes for the school for autism.

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