The High Technology Involved in Steam Pipe Insulation

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Author: Michelle Thompson

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The extreme conditions that surround steam piping demand high quality, specialized insulation. This distinct need led to the research, invention and development of steam pipe insulation.

Through the understanding that these pipes are under exceptional conditions requiring critical care, companies that specialize in this type of insulation created a product that can withstand these extreme circumstances. This insulation is fabricated in a way that it eliminates any and all leakage of vapor, fluid or air. Steam pipes must be protected from any outside forces or materials.

Due to the location of these pipes, many times steam pipe insulation must be able to fit around convoluted shapes and angles. Few companies are able to provide such a product. However, Pittsburgh Corning is one that has developed a special type of insulation that is able to provide all of the necessary precautions in addition to being able to fit in tight places and around the many corners that are presented when covering or protecting pipes. Many times this form of insulation is fitted on-site to assure a tight and proper fit to eliminate any unnecessary potential problems or disasters.

One common place that this type of piping is found is in off shore oil drilling rigs. The close proximity of moisture from the ocean makes it even more important that steam pipe insulation remain resistant to absorption as well as combustion. Through an innovative technique that includes closed glass filled cells, this insulation is able to offer operators some comfort through the knowledge that there will not be any leakage of vapor, fluid or air in addition to its resistance to absorption or combustion. These combined make this form of insulation extremely safe in most any situation.

Owens Corning also offers a similar product that can withstand the incredible fluctuating temperatures and conditions that these pipes are found to endure. Many industrial companies will use this type of steam pipe insulation on the interior of their building especially when working with potentially combustible products. In this instance, if there were a fire in the work area, this insulation would neither ignite nor feed a fire or disaster. This is an added safety feature for businesses that work with dangerous or potentially dangerous products. In addition, this type of insulation is able to retain its special features as well as its ability to insulate for a longer amount of time than many of the other types of insulation.


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