The Fee Components of a Social Security Disability Attorney Stockton

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If you are faced with a situation where you have to claim money from the government, then you need legal help. An accident or a medical situation can come anytime, unforeseen. But since you are entitled to claim compensation, you need to find out a professional to represent you. For any kind of claims for which you will need representation, you also need to keep in mind the expenses that you will incur in the process. That way, you will be able to do a cost-benefit analysis to figure out to what extent you will be benefitted.

The contingency fees

Unlike other legal professional in various areas, a social security disability attorney will charge you only if he can enable you to win the case. Such a fee in Stockton is called a contingency fee. Generally, this fee is approximately 25% of what you get, up to a maximum of around $6000. Your benefits, which are past-due, is called backpay. This is the amount on which the contingency fees are calculated. In fact, you do not need to pay the professional any money. Once your claim is approved, the amount will be deducted from what you are receiving.

Other ancillary and incidental expenses

Apart from the contingency fees, sometimes there are certain incidental costs that you will have to bear. This being over and above the base fees, you need to be aware of these expenses. This will it help you in your cost benefit analysis. During the period in time when you are being represented, the legal professional may ask you for documents to support your case. He might also ask you to get medical tests done and give him a copy of the test reports. Getting copies and subsequently sending them are expensive – of the order of a few hundred dollars. So you have to have a clear idea about what is required.

Sometimes, a social security disability attorney Stockton asks for the incidental expenses related money before the hearings begin. If he does not, it means that he is paying on your behalf. In such cases, he will send a bill to you at Stockton asking for reimbursement of such expenses. These expenses are different from the contingency component as they have to be paid regardless of whether you win or lose the case. You should find out whether this fee is charged before or after the case.

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This article is written by James Stew. He has been into this field for years now. Through his article he tries to put down necessary information of our day to day life especially about Stockton disability lawyer. He also tries to put down a list of ideas as to how the things can be corrected without much a problem.

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