The Art of Real Estate Investing: Learning from the Masters

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Author: Gabrielle B Dahms

Gabrielle B Dahms is a real estate professional and a real estate investor with over a decade of experience. She is active in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Gabrielle knows the real estate marketplace, can communicate it, and devise the appropriate strategy with her clients. She is an expert in her field, who listens to her clients and who delivers.

Do you suffer from the lone ranger syndrome?  I did when I first started in real estate investing. Oh what a learning curve that has been. In a nutshell, while the business can be learned and implemented that way, it is hardly the best or easiest way to do so. That is especially true because there are so many components to it and those can be moving targets.

In order to run any successful business, paying attention to all details is a must as having the right information at one’s fingertips at the right time. That is a gargantuan task and eventually requires being a team player. While it may sound obvious, the best way to immerse oneself in this business is by observing, and learning from the masters.

Before they became masters, they were novices like the rest of us and made many, if not all, of the mistakes beginners make. Some of the masters in the real estate investment arena are Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Diamond, Laurel Langemeier, and Robert Allen. There are others, of course.

Learning from the masters will make your life a lot easier and probably also better because they will challenge your thinking and expand your horizons. The good news is that a mind once expanded cannot go back. Just studying with one of them can set you up with a blueprint for success. By the way, such a blueprint is transferable to any business and often also to life.

Some to the traits of the masters are that they

              1. Love the game
              2. Are committed
              3. Strive for excellence
              4. Employ repetition to learn and do
              5. Are intense
              6. Do what they do often
              7. Are innovative

But what does all that mean to you and your business?

If success and results are what you are after, having a mentor will save you time, often money, and definitely headaches. Taking guidance from those who are experienced and successful, rather than randomly asking friends, family, business associates etc. for their opinions is the way to go.

Motivation and accountability

The masters in the real estate investment business inspire motivation and demand, perhaps less glamorously so, accountability. They provide the investor with the knowledge and some of the tools to manage risk. Ultimately, those are the pieces that give you options and eventually generate profits.

This article is one of several in our Anatomy of a Real Estate Deal series. Further titles in this series include: Evaluating Property – Is There a Deal?, Real Estate Exit Strategies, Real Estate Financing: How and Where to Get Real Estate Investing Money, More Important Real Estate Investment Considerations, and The Real Estate Investing Machine (Stay Connected and Repeat).

Please read any and all of them and send them on to the people you like and trust – anyone who has ever considered being a real estate investor or is one now.

Gabrielle B Dahms is an active real estate investor as well as a real estate agent with a decade's experience. She continually educates herself and applies her energy, understanding, knowledge, and love to serve her clients. Follow her on Facebook at and connect with her on LinkedIn at

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