Some Innovative Uses of Real Time GPS Tracking

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Global positioning systems (GPS) have spawned a wide range of uses that one could have only dreamed of decades ago.

This amazing invention is space -based using a satellite system that is dedicated to global navigation. Through this innovative technology, we are able to obtain real time GPS tracking of a number of objects, people and pets.

This technical knowledge has given the world a way to monitor most anything on Earth day and night regardless of the weather. Real time GPS tracking is composed of three separate subdivisions. The first compartment constitutes the space element.

There are an estimated twenty-four to thirty-two satellites currently in the Earth's orbit offering an unobstructed view of the Earth for those of us accessing GPS. The second compartment is comprised of the control station. This element is responsible for dedicated ground antennas that help in the communication with the space element.

The final arm is made up of those of us that are the users of the system. This can include the military, commercial use and the private sector. This complex system relies on the three separate sections to complete the GPS operation. The satellites send signals to the receivers providing latitude, longitude, altitude and time of a given target or object of interest.

Real time GPS tracking is commonly used in map navigation for those traveling in vehicles. It can also be found in use by emergency vehicles that are attempting to locate individuals in need of urgent care. However, these are just some of the areas that this creative technology can be found. Scientist rely upon the real time GPS tracking during and following natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Parents often enlist this type of tracking to keep tabs on children through the use of cell phones. In addition, there are also options that allow pet lovers to keep up on the location of their pet. The use of this type of high tech is only limited by the imagination of the person that is using the system. Maybe one of the best uses of this type of information is to assist parents when a child is missing.

While Amber alerts are a great alternative to implementing a look out of sorts for any missing child, a child that is armed with real time GPS tracking would be much easier to locate. With the use of this type of technology a parent and law enforcement officers would be able to monitor the movement of a given child and be able to rescue said individual if needed.

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