Saving Your Family’s Life through Divorce

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If marriage doesn’t work out, filing a divorce other than legal separation can be an escape route for a happier life. The goal of divorce is to dismiss the union of a couple making the bond of the marriage invalid and withdraws the legal responsibilities and duties of each of the spouse. The manner of divorce involves legal processes and the sanction of any legal court. Issues like the alimony for the spouse, custody of their children, child support, property distribution and even the distribution of debt. Family law firms handle these kind of cases which involve couples wanting to live out of marriage for a happier and more contented life.

· Divorce needs grounds or good reasons to be granted by any court. One of the most common ground for divorce is emotional abuse. Divorce is usually filed when one of either of the spouse attempts to control the behavior of the other spouse, routine and activities, kind and standard of friends, even controls the finances by means of anger, extreme criticism and threat. Another ground for divorce is addiction which includes gambling, alcohol or drugs of one of the spouse which may eventually come into a major danger for the other spouse and to their children. Repeated infidelity is another ground for divorce. With the other party not willing to change the repeated cheating, the party being cheated may eventually file a divorce. One of the grounds that need immediate action is maltreatment of children which includes biological or adopted children which involves violence or unsuitable sexual behavior. Another divorce ground that needs immediate action is physical violence of one of the spouse to the other and to their children where the life of either of the two involved is harmed.

· The court hearing the divorce case always takes pre-nuptial agreements into consideration but in some cases where there is no presented pre-nuptial agreements the divorce may be contested. Well-experienced lawyers from family law firms are needed for these kinds of cases which are very delicate and sometimes stressful. There is a variety of divorce depending on the agreement of the parties involved. One of which is at-fault divorce which requires hard evidences against the one of either party that is against their marriage. The grounds for this kind of divorce may be cruelty, abandonment or adultery. Another category for divorce is the no-fault divorce which does not require any fault of either of the party and simplest allegations may suffice the court. When the parties have come up to an agreement involving their properties, their children and the support issues between them, their divorce case my fall under uncontested divorce. The court can also be asked to make decisions in splitting the properties and such when the parties have not yet come up with an agreement.

· Some studies claim that divorce does not just affect the two parties but their children may also be greatly affected before during and after the divorce. This may make children confused about the situation thus the presence of either one of the parents is needed. They may make their children understand the situation. Some studies also show that filing divorce can help children recover from situations involving maltreatment and violence. Giving assistance to children especially psychological assistance may help in making children understand the situation.

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