Repair Solutions for Deteriorated Concrete

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Michaell Waugh

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One of the most common materials used for the construction of driveway or patios is concrete. The maintenance cost is high as concrete is prone to damage due to various uncontrollable factors. The ongoing maintenance which is required on concrete repair Atlanta is to cover the cracks as and when visible. Covering or properly sealing the cracks prevent it from future damage and failures like potholes.

Concrete repair Atlanta can be done by professionals or home owners as well. However, the new construction requires experience contractors. Intelligent or permanent repairs are possible only when we find the exact reason which is causing the problem. So let us take you through few of the reasons which require driveway repair Atlanta:

Reasons for driveway repair Atlanta

Problem in the surface may occur due to natural reasons like ground movement, falling trees, heavy rainfall or surface erosion. Factors like rainfall causes erosion of foundational dirt. There might be some low spots in the way; the low spots make the water to settle which is not desirable as it can create a problem for smooth walking. The creatures like moles which dwell underground create large homes there, tunneling by them create air pockets which can cause the way or ground to collapse. Another reason is mixing too much water in the cement while construction. Few Other factors are: Bacterial corrosion, decalcification, carbonation and physical damage. Exposure to radiations also damages the surface. Stress from the roots of the trees beneath the surface is also one of the major reason causing damage. Stress over the surface due to excessive loads is a known issue. Inadequate expansion joints in concrete which happens due to negligence while construction.

Some of the above listed issues can be taken care by normal repairs repair where as few require driveway repair Atlanta especially where the cracks are widespread. There may be surface cracks or shrinkage cracks. These cracks damage the surface as well as beauty of the home.

Following things must be given due consideration in replacement:

Minimum thickness of the material

Proper expansion joints and control joints

Minimum 3000 PSI mix

A professional who knows the procedure of pouring concrete:

Small cracks can be rectified without investing much efforts and money. They can be permanently taken care off by using epoxy material, which is also known as poly urea. Epoxy materials are available as per the surface requirement. The process of using the poly urea will take less than an hour on surface like slabs at kitchen. There is an ongoing debate on driveway replacement Atlanta vs. Resurfacing. Resurfacing is the process to cover the damaged layer with same construction material; this step may hide the damage temporarily only. With the passage of time, the cracks will appear on new surface as well. Instead of taking a chance, it is better to replace the surface as desired.

PKS Asphalt paving Atlanta provides driveway replacement Atlanta and concrete repair Atlanta services Georgia USA.

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