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Author: Bruce Markey

Market seems to be flooded with anger management books to help sufferers come out of their miserable state of mind. You can refer to these self-help books to identify root cause behind anger and strategies to control this negative emotion. If you ask if anger can be controlled or not, the answer is simply NO. Human emotion of this kind will keep surfacing up in different occasions. Of course good anger management books can reduce intensity of your irritation and rage and help you vent out your negative emotions constructively. If you are reeling under the impression that you can dissolve anger completely, then you are simply heightening your emotion. You cannot control anger directly, but you can control the behavior that gets affected by such negative emotions.

You must have the determination and will to change your behavior, or else no anger management book can pull you out of your present mental state. Some self-help evaluations that good anger management books can help you with are as follows:

• The Aspect of “What”: Read good anger management books to know what makes you angry. You need to understand that it is not about what you hate the most. It is all about the triggers that push you. Think of situations and things that tick you off. You may hate the dog in your neighbors place because of the continuous barks, but you aren’t actually annoyed with the dog, you are actually pissed off with the noise of bark. You might feel tempted to whack the dog and shut its barks. Your perception gets destroyed completely when you are angry. You get furious over the loud barks, when the dog might be trying to alarm its master about invasion of a suspected burglar.

• The Aspect of “When”: Good anger management books shall help you identify when you get angry. Controlling your angry outbursts is essential because you simply cannot find a solution by slamming somebody. You need to apply rational reasoning techniques and remain conscious of your actions and thought process. Recognize exactly when you get angry and be on the guard before you lose control.

• The Aspect of “How”: Analyze how you get angry. Think of some specific situations and try to imagine how you would be reacting under such stressful circumstances. Think if you would lose your mind? Abuse someone verbally or physically or if you would hurt your own self? Analyzing your anger levels will help you judge severity of your problems.

So, the aspects of what, when, and how becomes clear when you read good anger management books. Browse online to look into a huge list of some good e-books on anger management. Trying out self-help practices is vitally important, because no matter how many books you read; you need to apply those techniques in actual life. Re-think and re-evaluate your actions and thought process. If you find your emotions out of control, consider consulting a doctor.

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