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Author: Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His free Cash Flow Surges blog shares tons of great strategies at his main blog.

Dingo-ball Ice Crystals Hanging from my Toque. If that means something to you, sorry. You obviously live, or have lived somewhere like me where it gets cold… real cold.

Calgary hit -30C, which felt like -41C with the windchill.

We were officially labelled one of the coldest places on earth, “Alberta was colder than the North Pole,” said Dave Phillips with Environment Canada on Tuesday. “We’re not seeing those temperatures in Russia, in Siberia. “Alberta is definitely one of the coldest places on Earth today.”

…Not exactly something to be proud of.

But the dog still needed a walk. He is part Husky – and LOVES snow and cold weather. I caught him a couple times whimpering about cold paws though – so even Husky’s find this stuff ridiculous! 

Husky’s find this stuff ridiculous!

So you do what you have to do, you bundle up with 14 layers of clothing, toques (a warm hat, for you non-Canadians), a scarf, good gloves, good boots., etc.

The whole process preparation nearly takes longer than the 30 minute dog walk.

Stepping through snow drifts in front of peoples’ homes that were too lazy to shovel it off.

Cars stranded by the side of the road… frozen to the core and refusing to run.

…The select few I see out walking are at a brisk pace and getting to their destination as quickly as possible.

By the time I am done walking the dog, my legs are numb from the cold (must. get. new. long underwear.)

By the looks of my left cheek, I got frostbite (again) right under my eye.

I can barely see through the gap between my toque and the scarf wrapping my face.

Ice crystals hand from my toque and dangle in front of my eye balls. The crystals remind me of the dingo balls I had hanging in my 1974 Dodge Dart when I was 16 (too many Cheech and Chong movies influenced me back then).

The point of all this?

The point of all this?

Be THANKFUL you don’t have this weather!

Kidding aside…

…this week, our friends in the US are enjoying good weather...but ALL of us should be thankful for what we have.

Be grateful for the people in your life.

Be grateful for the quality of life you live.

Be grateful that you have the tools and technologies that allow you to read this article.

Be grateful.

I am.

Especially grateful to have a nice toasty place to live and work in.

Many don’t.

So just say a few extra thanks this week for everything that you do have.

Rather than the things you don’t.

One other thing I am extremely thankful for?

The fact the weather is supposed to turn and a Chinook is on it’s way today.

What’s a Chinook? It’s one of the things I LOVE about Calgary – a BREAK from the weather!

From Wikipedia:

A strong Chinook can make snow one foot deep almost vanish in one day. The snow partly melts and partly evaporates in the dry wind. Chinook winds have been observed to raise winter temperature, often from below −20°C (−4°F) to as high as 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F) for a few hours or days, then temperatures plummet to their base levels. The greatest recorded temperature change in 24 hours was caused by Chinook winds on January 15, 1972, in Loma, Montana; the temperature rose from -48°C (-56°F) to 9°C (49°F).

How do you spell relief?


And we get one – yay!

Have a grateful week and a great weather if you are in the US.

To your success, Troy White PS: Discover how to make your cash flow surge with the street smart marketing tools at my blog http://www.blog.smallbusinesscopywriter.com You also get one of my favorite case studies of marketing done exceptionally well, The Million Dollar Lobster Report when you sign up for updates on my blog. Discover how two young twenty-something year old brothers turned a simple lobster sale into a million dollar business in just 3 months! http://www.blog.smallbusinesscopywriter.com

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