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Author: Michaell Waugh

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The simplest and most traditional method to kill the pests and insects is to spray the pesticides and insecticides at the infected place. This method was extremely popular in spite of its drawbacks. But now that the consumers are more eco savvy, they no longer want to rely on the techniques which create health hazards and environmental pollution. The increasing awareness about the danger of traditional pest control methods has given birth to “Green Pest Control”

This eco friendly method is gaining attention all around the more or lesser known parts of the world. Even in Marietta and Atlanta, this method is use t control mosquitoes even. Earlier method of spray of pesticides and insecticides increases the health problems as the spray contains a mixture of chemicals. These chemicals if inhaled, causes respiratory issues like asthma, skin disease like allergy and other breathing problems. Some of the chemicals are poisonous too and require a lot of precaution before using. As compared to the old techniques, this latest green pest as well as Atlanta mosquito control uses organic materials like boric acid, plants oil and rosemary. These are agricultural and natural products which do not affect the environment. The environmentalism is conducting a research to find the reasons of infiltration of building by pests. At most of the places, the integrated pest management services are being offered.

The natural products which are used suffocate the unwanted creatures and thus kill them. Products like boric acid act as a poison to insects. The usage of environment friendly products produces amazing results as they solve the purpose. Pesticide industry has made tremendous efforts in the past few years to make such products available which are less harmful.

To increase the awareness about green pest control to save the planet earth, several certification programs are being run, which certify the businesses or the sites where such measures are implemented. One such program is ‘green pro’. Most of the technicians who provide the insects control services also enroll themselves in these kinds of programs and get certified. Such certifications enable them to gain knowledge about the benefits of eco friendly products and how to use them. Natural and organic products are safe for you, your family, pets as well as surroundings.

The demand for organic solutions is on the rise which is good for the environment. Organic solutions are non toxic, safe and more effective as compared to the conventional spray of chemicals. Other benefits include the lesser cost, easy availability and value for money. Green pest control is truly an innovation for health conscious consumers.

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