Pheromones in cologne can make it easier to be found attractive

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Author: Kyle MacRannell

Kyle MacRannell is a diehard product review specialist, writer, and researcher currently focusing upon pheromones and their affect upon human interpersonal behavior.

There are many men who are looking to find a woman to have sex with rather than marry. Being in that season of life can be fun for some men and difficult for others. Many men are confused about what is needed in order to score with the opposite sex. While great looks or an amazing personality are nice, they do not guarantee sex. Pheromones are pretty much the only sure fire way for a man to find that special someone for the night.

Pheromones are an endogenous chemical that is inhaled by a woman. Everyone gives off their own pheromones but it is possible to have pheromones in cologne. The woman smells the pheromones and the androgynistic hormone causes the body to release catecholamine which cause an instant attraction. The catecholamine’s then cause dopamine to release and this causes her to unknowingly be very sexually aroused and attracted to the source of the pheromones.

The two top rated colognes containing pheromones are The Scent of Eros for Men and Max Attraction Gold. The Scent of Eros for Men contains pheromones in cologne that will cause a woman to find the wearer irresistible. The Scent of Eros is available in two options, musk fragrance and unscented. The unscented version could easily be worn with the wearer's favorite scented cologne. Both are reasonably priced for $49.95 for a 5 mg bottle and have given many men the results they desire. Max Attraction Gold contains pheromones in cologne as well. It combines eight different pheromones so that it can be as potent as possible. It comes in a spray pump and be used very easily. It is priced for less than $70 for the .46 oz bottle.

Before purchasing the pheromones in colognes, it is important for a male to realize that it will truly increase their attractiveness to women. The pheromones themselves do not give off any smell. They are just inhaled by the women and her chemical makeup causes all of the attraction to take place. The pheromones in colognes are very worth the investment for any guy who does not want to have to work too hard to find a good time.

Kyle MacRannell is a diehard product review specialist, writer, and researcher currently focusing upon pheromones and their affect upon human interpersonal behavior.

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