Pheromones and Chemical Attraction

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Author: Kyle MacRannell

Kyle MacRannell is a diehard product review specialist, writer, and researcher currently focusing upon pheromones and their affect upon human interpersonal behavior.

Pheromones are defined as a chemical that is released by a certain that can affect the mood of the one receiving it. Insects are a great example of a species where pheromones have control over eating habits, their sexual nature, and their protective mode. These chemical enhancers can also be found in male and female plants, but are are effectively emitted and received between homogeneous species. The pheromones found in certain insects are indigenous to that specific species just as the chemicals in plants are to that specific species of fauna. For example, the defense pheromone is prevalent in male insects to alarm other male insects to ward them off as the sexual pheromone is released by female insects to trigger a male insect.

The question for many scientists is do pheromones really work on humans? Insects are the easiest species to research and collect data on but no clinical research has been officially collected on humans. There are pheromone products on the market in forms of perfume, cologne, and oils that are primarily used as attractant pheromones. Limited research has been conducted to substantiate or conclude that they work  50% of the time on 50% of human beings.

There are some real life documentaries of the success they have found in human pheromones. They recall the acceptance and attention received from the opposite sex after applying the perfume or cologne. The scents are created with primary pheromones that create relaxation, social acceptance, confidence, and sexual attraction. A recent research conducted showed 80% of women who responded in a positive way to the pheromone enhanced cologne.

The perfume scent for a women is created to attract a male and to make him feel friendly, social, and sexually aroused. Copulins are the main pheromones used in the scent, a natural chemical produced during ovulation. This pheromone combined with several other specifically formulated pheromones, worked on 90% of males when researched. It is no doubt that pheromones play a role in our living world. Scientists will continue to cultivate new and innovative ways through the development of products that will peak our sexual curiosity and help lure us closer to one another. Corporations realize that this curiosity will never die and that it will always have an audience willing to invest in that curiosity.

Kyle MacRannell is a diehard product review specialist, writer, and researcher currently focusing upon pheromones and their affect upon human interpersonal behavior.

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