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There are three main types of air compressors. The first type is a reciprocating air compressor, which increases the air pressure of the machine by reducing the volume of the air in its chamber. The second is called a rotary screw compressor, which compresses gas by forcing it through two screws using synchronization gears.

The gap between the screws decreases, and compresses the gas. The third type is called a rotary centrifugal compressor, which relies on a 'rotating impeller' to transfer energy to the air and compress it. All three of these compressors are used for industrial sized, air-powered machines, and are commonly used in places like factories, auto-shops, or construction sites.

One type of the rotary screw system is the oil free air compressor. In this type of compressor, there is no oil used to cool or seal the chamber which holds the gas charge. Instead, the gas is compressed solely by the action of the two screws. The system is air or water cooled, in order to keep the machine from generating too much heat.

Typically, this system is used in places where excess oil could be harmful to the machines or areas being worked on, such as semi-conductor manufacturing, or medical research. Trusted manufacturers like Atlas-Copco, Werther, and HP all make versions of this compressor.

An oil free air compressor can't produce quite as much pressure as an oil-flooded system, although this type of compressor is still capable of producing about 150 psig, and has an output volume of over 2000 cubic feet per minute. This type of compressor has a wide range of uses.

Because the air is free of any oil, it is safe for use in the industries of food and beverage, electronics, automotive construction and repair, paint, paper and plastic manufacturing, even snow making and hospital use. The risk of oil contamination is greatly reduced by the use of this type of compressor.

If you are looking to obtain an oil free air compressor, there are many makes and models available for rent or purchase. Because these machines are designed for industrial use, many companies choose to rent rather than purchase, as a typical rotary screw air compressor package can cost between $5000-$10,000.

It is important to research thoroughly before purchasing or renting this type of compressor. Fortunately, there are many reviews online for a large number of makes and models, so finding the product that is right for you is made easy.

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