Making the Most in Designing With Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

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Author: Michelle Thompson

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Making the Most in Designing With Laminate Kitchen CabinetsOne of those up and coming cabinet design trends is using laminate in cabinetry.

This style involves the application of a laminate surface over MDF material. At one time this was thought to cheapen the overall look of a kitchen. In recent years there have been significant strides in the development of durable laminate kitchen cabinets.

With an elegance and versatility that competes well with traditional wood cabinets vinyl is back and you wouldn't even recognize it as "cheap" in it's new form!

Many people have found that designing a kitchen with a laminate approach can still attain whatever style best expresses the user's personality. There are some tips to consider in designing with laminate cabinetry.

First, what is the style that best expresses the user's personality? At one time it was thought that laminate kitchen cabinets only came with a contemporary or modern style.

There were those painted laminate modern cabinets that really were sleek and modern, but didn't lend a personality to the kitchen.

Whether the owner is a baker or an entertainer or whether he or she is a traditional, classical or light personality; there is cabinetry that compliments that personality.

The first tip in design is to determine the style that best expresses the personality of the owner.

The next tip is to evaluate who has the best expression for that personality in laminate cabinets. Thomasville Cabinetry has a line of kitchen cabinets that can express any personality.

While it's true that they have six basic styles, they can incorporate one of those styles in anything from classical to transitional to modern.

They accomplish this through the door styles, colors or wood grain laminate patterns and even with a glazed look to give that old style classical look. As an example check out Thomasville's Spencer Laminate Amaretto Creme. They can use any of those six styles to give personality to the kitchen.

It is true that most laminate cabinets are imported from China and have that generic look to them even though you can get them in practically any color.

They emphasize sleek, modern, and functional. If that expresses the kitchen owner's personality, that's fine. For most people, that style simply lacks personality and tends to give laminate cabinets a lack luster reputation.

There really is a different world out there in laminate design and one that's worth looking at if you can find a reputable dealer. Thomasville Cabinetry has been around for a long time and is a leader in the industry and their line of laminate cabinets is worth a look.


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