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Author: Troy White

Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His free Cash Flow Surges blog shares tons of great strategies at his main blog.

Some simple techniques you should be using in your marketing and advertising to stand out from the crowd.

- Tie in your sales copy/newsletters/marketing campaigns, etc. with newsworthy topics, holidays, events happening, local interests, and personal interests' stories.

E.g. - Michael Jackson's acquittal, Brad/Angelina/Jennifer, The Runaway Bride, Fathers Day, summertime, NASCAR fascination, Sports comebacks, etc.

- If your product is not sold in stores - tell them! This gives it exclusivity and makes it more likely that they will want to order if they know they cannot get it anywhere else.

If your special is only available for the month of June - tell them - and tell them why (one of the most powerful things you can ever do in your marketing is to tell them why you are launching new products, why you are packaging them this way, why you are giving a discount, etc.)

The reason why is THE MOST powerful thing you can ever use in your marketing and advertising

- If you can, delay their payments. "Pay nothing now" is a very powerful promise that has built many multi-million dollar businesses. Or, if some money is required - offer them a payment plan over the next 6 or 12 months. People may scoff at paying $1,200 out of their pocket today but those same people may be very willing to pay $150 per month for 12 months.

- even if it means they pay a much higher rate.

- Get them involved in your letter or ad through questions, surveys, and check boxes - whatever you can do to keep them interested. That is why Readers' Digest does so well! Take this sticker and place it here. That gold sticker and place it here. When you get them involved in your copy they are much more likely to stick with it until they have ordered.

- Talk about some product negatives. GASP! No product or service in the world is perfect - be honest with them about that and you will be the only honest person they have come across in business.

Tell them the limitations, or the catch, or the one thing that you can never use it for. Incredibly powerful when you are the one to bring this up - they are already thinking, "what's the catch" so tell them what it is.

- Make the offer very selective - and make sure they understand that they are part of an exclusive offering - and what that means to them. Make a special offer for your existing client ONLY (and make sure they know that only they can get this deal). Make a special time (after midnight sale) for exclusive pricing not available at any other time.

Show them you do appreciate them and they will appreciate you even more.

- Write the ad copy so that when they order, they can easily explain it to their spouse and friends why this is such an incredible deal that they would have been an idiot to ignore it.

Take one of the above and test it out over the next week. See what happens with your response - you'll be pleasantly surprised. Guaranteed.

To your success, Troy White PS: Discover how to make your cash flow surge with the street smart marketing tools at my blog You also get one of my favorite case studies of marketing done exceptionally well, The Million Dollar Lobster Report when you sign up for updates on my blog. Discover how two young twenty-something year old brothers turned a simple lobster sale into a million dollar business in just 3 months!

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