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Author: Charry Morris

Charry Morris, personal yoga instructor to the United States Ski Team athletes, developed the Yoga Weight Loss System when she lost over 60 pounds with Yoga. She shares here secrets and everything she learned and will help guide you to do the same in the Yoga Weight Loss System.

Will Yoga Give Me More Energy or Just Tire Me Out?
There are so many benefits to doing yoga that we could not possibly touch on them all here. So, I have narrowed them down to what I call, the Big 5. Every pose, every breath, every minute of using yoga as a form of exercise, is a chance to restore the body’s natural energetic pathways back to normal.

  1. Oxygenation to the cells of the bodyYoga Gives you more energy
  2. Moving of lymph through the system 
  3. Increased circulation throughout the body
  4. Stimulation of nerve cells and recharging of the endocrine system. 
  5. Clearing and toning of the digestive organs

As we go through our day, we store so many emotional and physical toxins in our body. We carry with us the emotional baggage of the past, the projectile baggage of the future and the constant self-criticism and second guessing of the present moment.

We fill our bellies with these emotions and waste products from food that we intake simply because it feels good and is easy to find at that moment. Therefore, we become dull and lethargic or super amped on caffeine and sugar one moment, crashing into a depression the next.

With yoga there is something referred to as the three gunas- the three states of energy in the body that are in constant flux. There is rajas, which is a state of excitability. There is tamas, which is the state of lethargy. There is sattva, which is the state of equanimity.

With the food we put in our bodies, the breathing and stretching you do in your physical yoga practice, the goal is to bring the energies in the body to a sattvic, or peaceful, state. This is a state in which you feel nourished and full from the inside out.

At first, following your yoga practice, you might feel lighter and almost high on yoga. This is from simply breathing slower, more mindful breaths. Because you are breathing more slowly you naturally take in more oxygen, which rehydrates your cells on a molecular level. The process of breathing in yoga cleans out the energy pathways in the nasal passages, sinuses, and lunges.

Throughout our body, we have small nodes which regulate the ‘flow of lymph’ throughout the body. Lymph and the movement of lymph is a vital part of the immune system. The health and vitality of the lymph nodes are critical for cancer prevention. Lymph nodes also carry fat from the digestive system out of the body. With the use of yoga postures and breath work, the circulation of lymph is maintained at a healthy level.

We wouldn’t be alive if blood was not flowing through our body. People lose limbs and have heart attacks and brain aneurisms when the circulation of the body decreases or stops. Your digestive organs also need a lot of blood flow to maintain a healthy regulated state. Yoga was designed to create a wringing out effect on the body. You squeeze out old blood to create space for new blood cells. This is why you feel so energized and relaxed at the same time following a yoga session.

The spinal column is the central nerve channel in the body. Yoga works to stimulate and activate nerve activity along the spinal axis. Creating and focusing movement on the spine, not only increases range of motion in bending and twisting, but maintaining agility and nerve reproduction. It is said that yoga is as good for reducing the onset of Alzheimer’s as a crossword puzzle.

Most of the time we overstuff ourselves, over sate, over do. Once you begin to explore yoga postures, you realize how much vital energy is stored in the solar plexus. The naval center of the body is the solar system of our inner body. It produces heat and generates energy. It is the hub of our digestive organs. Yoga wrings and soaks the belly in all directions to increase digestion and tone the abdominal organs.

We tend to take on so much in our lives. We hurry everywhere, we multitask, we speed down the highway of our life and end up feeling exhausted, strung out, and maybe even fat.

All of these feelings are caused by a lifestyle that actually takes us away from our body’s truth. We fill it mindlessly with junk. We load up on caffeine and sugar to buzz along. We sit endlessly in front of our computers or steering wheels.

At some point, we need to reconnect with our inner energy source. We need to come back to our body and our breath. Yoga will help you find renewed vitality and inner strength. Yoga will help you recharge your body’s energy centers. It's great, yoga gives you energy!

The Yoga Weight Loss System guides you along your weight loss journey with yoga. Charry explains step by step, the how and why and demonstrates the correct poses through full-color pictures and video!

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