Learn about Hyperhidrosis and Sweat it Out of Your Life

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Author: Dana Davis

Hyperhidrosis affects usually the palm of the hand, soles and armpits. Aside from interrupting daily activities, hyperhidrosis also causes embarrassment and social anxiety.
One of the primary options for treating this condition includes applying antiperspirant in the areas affected. For severe cases, physicians may recommend surgery either to disconnect veins responsible for overproducing of sweats or the removal of sweat glands in the body.

Essentials of Antiperspirant
Antiperspirant is believed to be the first line of healing for sweating excessively in the body such as palms, feet and sometimes, in the face. They are considered the best defence against this condition for reason that they invade the least and experts suggest they should be used first before using other treatments that are more invasive. They are also economical, inexpensive and simple to use.
Antiperspirants are used to apply the top surface of the skin (often you hear it defined as topical treatments). When antiperspirant are used to the skin, sweats or perspirations in the armpits dissolve the antiperspirant specks, getting them into the skin pores and develops exterior plugs under the skin. When human body sense that sweat ducts are clogged, it sends feedback to discontinue the flow. These plugs can dwell in its place for at least 24 hours and eventually gets washed overtime.

Antiperspirants are accessible over-the-counter or by prescriptions given by your dermatologists. Commercial antiperspirants are available in varied strengths with clinical effect products presenting the most sweat defence (at a higher price). There are popular brands available in the market which offers clinical strength.
Some of the clinical strength goods may seem to give better sweat reduction when weigh against the conventional antiperspirants available over-the-counter and provides less irritation to the skin.
Metallic salts are the most extensively used ingredients that are active in antiperspirants. Higher concentrations are contained in clinical strength antiperspirant compared to the regular strength that are available over-the-counter. Prescriptions and specially made antiperspirants regularly have aluminum chloride compounds as active ingredients. These are one of the effective and best antiperspirants but causes skin irritations if instructions are not followed exactly. For excessive sweats in the underarms, high concentrations of aluminium chloride compounds are recommended. For management of excessive sweats in hands and feet, higher concentrations of the compounds are required, usually about 30%.

Generally, experts suggest s systematic approach in combating excessive sweating with antiperspirants. Start with the formula with the mildest effect to the skin and then advance to clinical strength antiperspirant. To totally achieve the effect try the stronger ones available.

Preventing skin irritations is the main relief with antiperspirants. Whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed, product instructions should be carefully followed. Follow your skin specialist’s recommendations.
It is common to consider antiperspirants are for sweaty armpits but it is not good to live inside the pits.
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