Laparoscopic Gastric Banding in India (for the Nigerian patients)

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Author: John Steffen

Every day 10 to 20 patients from Nigeria fly to India for quality medical care. Nigeria would have been a haven for medical industry had the hospitals there could have sufficient power supply. The good thing is waiting period (for a laparoscopic gastric banding surgery) in India is nil. So, patients do not have to wait for years for the surgery. A surgery is typically performed within days a patient is found an ideal candidate. However, you are first tested for whether you qualify for a weight loss surgery.

There could be many questions on the top of your mind, when taking a flight to India. You may be wondering about the costs, accommodation, communication barrier, and hundreds of other things. But, you really need not to worry about any of these. Laparoscopic gastric banding in India is one of the commonest performed surgeries, and is quite cost-effective. A large number of hospitals also arrange for accommodation, if you are coming with a friend or family. There are plenty of guest houses, hotels, and B&Bs. You simply need not to worry about these things.

Your focus should only be on getting a great surgeon, who’s performed quite a good number of weight loss surgeries. Sit with your doctor for a thoughtful discussion and find out all possible benefits and complications so that you end-up getting the most out of this surgery.

Once you get back to your country after the obesity treatment in India –

Your surgical team will be in touch with you and will answer all your queries so that you can stay away from the common mistakes that patients often make after this type of surgery.

You need more than a surgery to get a terrific body –

Only surgery won’t do it for you. Post-procedure, you have to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be picking only the best quality food and drink products. And yes, you won’t be eating what you used to eat before this surgical procedure. In fact, your care team will help you learn new eating and drinking habits even before you are operated upon. Then, there will be certain medications that you may have to leave; and there will be certain medications that you’ll have to take to ensure best results.

Last, but not the least, make sure you come prepared. Take all medical papers with you so that your doctor in India could understand your medical condition well, and help you make an informed decision.

Dr. Peters is a leading bariatric surgeon in Delhi, India. Presently he is heading the Institute of Bariatric, Metabolic and Minimal Access Surgery at FORTIS HOSPITAL, SHALIMAR BAGH and FORTIS C-DOC HOSPITAL in New Delhi. Contact him for the surgical obesity treatment in India and laparoscopic gastric banding in India.

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