Is It Advisable To Close Your Credit Card Accounts - Can It Affect Your Fico Scores

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Some individuals question whether or not they need to close their bank card accounts, either because they have paid off a credit card balance or possibly, they wish to combine their credit card debt. You know, just as with most important questions, there is no straightforward yes or no answer to this concern. The answer is dependent upon your financial circumstances as to whether or not terminating a credit card account would have an adverse or beneficial effect on your current credit scores.

One of the many criteria associated with calculating an individual's credit report score is the percentage of your current debt to your available credit. To illustrate, let's say you might have 3 credit card accounts and each one carries an available borrowing limit of $10,000 each. Next let's say you have a $5,000 balance on one, a $4,000 amount owed on the 2nd one and also a $1,500 balance for the third. You should have a total amount of $30,000 in readily obtainable credit and will possess $10,500 in credit card debt. Which means that your debt is only 35% of the total available line of credit. This percentage, or lower, is really what ones ratio needs to be for you to end up with a favourable rather than detrimental impact on your credit scores.

So now, if you should repay the credit card with the $1,500 account balance and do not close the credit account, your debt ratio to credit available for purchase will end up as 30%, which is still good.

In the event you close the account than the available for purchase credit reduces by $10,000 and your debt to available credit percentage becomes 45% and that's more than you need for it to be to stay in the good graces of the credit score algorithms.

One other reason you may not desire to shut down a credit card account even though it has a zero balance would be the fact that a number of mortgage lenders require a certain number of active tradelines before they are willing to approve a person's home loan application. This volume of tradelines called for is typically five.

Specifically what would make up active tradelines? Any place that you have obtained funds where your loan and the payment period of that particular financial loan is disclosed to the credit reporting companies and logged on your credit file. These are activities such as car financing, student education loans, mortgage loan, store cards, service station credit cards, retail store credit, etc.

Therefore, even when your borrowing limit to debt ratio holds good, you might not wish to close an account because you might need that credit account just for your active tradeline count.

A reason you may desire to close the credit account in spite of the affect it will have on your credit rankings, is that you don't want to be tempted to make use of that available consumer credit and get yourself much deeper into credit card debt. Many individuals believe that merely having the credit card is a liability basically because they might lose it or that it may possibly get stolen.

Like we pointed out initially the answer is not really a simple yes or no. It all basically depends on your credit and financial circumstances along with the tradeoffs that you are willing to make.

Hopefully, this has given you the information you need that may help you take a wise course of action for yourself personally.

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