Is High Tensile Deer Fence Robust Solution for Vinyard Protection ?

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One of the biggest problems for many vinyard owners in the US is deer. According to the recent reports, this animal causes in the United States the hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The deer damage is constantly growing because of their increasing population. Some studies show that in American alone the population of deer has jumped from 500,000 in the 1940s to more than 27 million today. And any plant that remains green is edible and becomes a special treat for deer in the US. If you do not want your plants to be eaten or damaged by deer, a deer fence may be the best option to protect agricultural investments from the menace of deer.

The purpose of a deer fence installation is to keep deer away from landscaped plants and let them grow healthily. Deer fencing products are available in huge range of shapes and sizes on the market. Some farmers use six feet tall high fences, but most of them prefer using eight to ten feet tall fences. Why so? Become fences with this much height prove much effective for deer control. They are tall enough and deer cannot jump over them. Many gardeners are using these types of fences at their vinyard and find them much reliable and stronger protective for deer and many other animals such as goat, sheep and horse, which are likely to ruin your crop.

Deer fences are made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, mesh, wire, netting and stone. These days, mesh, netting and wire fencing products are much popular. Vingyard growers in various parts of the United States commonly use these fencing solutions. But which is the most effective among these fences? Well, high tensile fence seems to be much stronger and effective. It offers high strength and durability and can last for several long years. It is a cost-effective way to get rid of deer, because it requires virtually no maintenance. You only need to protect it from weed, braches, and water, which bring moisture around the wire.

Other Ways for Deer Control

Other than using deer fence, you can take help of various deer repellent plants to control the deer. Some of these plants include butterfly bush, buttonbush, dogwood, elderberry, coralberry, forsythia and so on. Experts believe that generally deer do not like to eat plants, which are prickly, have thick leaves, have a medicinal use, or have lemon scent. Prickly or thorny plants are highly dislikable among deer, but they are not perfect solution, because deer have the ability to quickly adapt to repellants. To find more information about various deer control solutions, you can visit internet and get details on sturdy deer fencing solutions.

ProFence, is a professional deer fence installer offering high quality deer fence products to stop deer damage. We also provide you with effective Vinyard fencing products at lower prices.

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