Is Buying Twitter Followers Ethical?

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Author: Alanashaikh

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If you Google the word, “buy twitter followers” you will come across a hoard of articles some for and others against purchase of twitter followers. Some of those against the purchase argue that it’s unethical. Well, this article will critically look at how ethical or unethical the practice is.

If you look closely, buying twitter followers is synonymous to advertising. The more followers you have, the more you will sell. Millions of media houses around the world are spending lots of money paying celebrities to endorse their products. The main aim of advertising is to let the word out so that many people can watch or listen to the media houses. The same thing applies to you. When you buy real twitter followers, you will have many followers thus become famous.

When it comes to how ethical the practice is, I don’t think the practice is unethical at all. This is because it has been proven that over 70% of Obama’s twitter followers are fake. The same thing applies to Lady Gaga’s 35 million followers. If buying twitter followers was unethical, how come the president of the world’s strongest nation buys twitter followers?

The main reason as to why people buy twitter followers is due to the benefits that come with the practice.

Buying twitter followers has been proven to be easiest and fastest ways of gaining twitter followers. When you want many twitter followers all you need to do is to find twitter selling sites like this one and place your order. Once you have placed your order, you will have to wait for just a few hours and you will have thousands of followers flooding your account. Buying twitter followers saves you plenty of time that you would have spent creating witty tweets and asking people to follow you.

The other benefit that comes with buying twitter followers is that you tend to look like an authority. When your account shows that you have over one million followers, you will appear important before the eyes of many people. Looking important has a number of advantages on your side. The first advantage is that you will attract many twitter followers to follow you. As a consequence, you will have many more followers than you even wanted. Looking important will open many doors for you. For example, if you are an entertainer and you have many followers, you will have many people wanting you to grace their occasion. This is because you will seem as someone with the ability to attract many people to attend the occasion which will mean more money for the event organizers.

If you are a marketer, having many followers means a larger population to market your products. Since you have a large population to market your products, you have high chances of increasing your sales and consequently increasing your profits.

Although buying twitter followers has a number of benefits, you should not buy the followers from just any site; you should do your research and identify reputable sites to make your purchase. The good thing is that there are many sites where you can buy twitter followers cheap.

The good thing is that there are many sites where you can buy twitter followers cheap.

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