IP-Based Virtual PBX System

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Author: James Allen

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Every business organization in today's world scenario requires a virtual PBX service. The system has become mandatory for every company in order to work more efficiently and effectively as it leads for better productivity and overall business development. Ever since globalization became a reality every company looks forward to expand their markets and many companies have been expanding aggressively. There are many similar business firms out there providing similar services or developing similar products and hence the competition in the market is quite high. You need to be highly equipped and work comprehensively in order to survive the competition and stay ahead of the curve.

The virtual PBX system is a software solution that allows you to manage phone numbers or extensions efficiently. Every professional organization today have this set up for enhancing a highly comprehensive network which allows them to maintain work at a rapid pace which is essential for progress and work productively as well.

This system is highly capable in the sense that not only can it manage 1 number but in fact many more. It can provide you a local or 800 number that customers call for customer services and the system forwards these calls to your mobile or local home office number or directs the same to the voice mail system if in case an executive for attending such calls is not his/her desk.

Traditionally PBX systems were highly expensive and involved several complications in terms of installation. You needed an expert to personally install the hardware in a telecom center or facility of your office, load the codes for its functioning with appropriate parameters and code the individual systems or local phones as well to bridge with the network device for establishing such a facility. Hence, only high end IT companies which are quite well off had the finances or expertise to manage such a system. That is not the case with IP based virtual PBX system as of today. Technology for these systems to work efficiently without creating much of an overhead has been invented and used these days and hence many small times companies that even lack the expertise to manage such technologies have started implementing them for their business development.

With such a business phone system you can create a strong virtual presence in any location without establishing physical offices or maintaining additional telephone connections. This reduces the telecommunication and operating expenses involved in creating such an infrastructure which was once essentially mandatory. It offers flexibility for your work environment and increases your business productivity. It also supports features like automatic call distribution, auto attendant, voicemail, fax, voice to email, fax to email, caller ID, call conferencing, call forwarding and so on. The coding is also quite efficient, easy to understand and flexible in the sense that you can modify them based on your unique business communication requirements.

The best part about these VoIP phone services is that chances of missing a call is completely eliminated which allows you to provide better customer support and quality services which are essentially the base for customer satisfaction. Customers are also allowed to register their complaints through the voicemail system and you can act upon those complaints the moment you find time. Not only does it lead to customer satisfaction, it develops your firm's reputation, potential customer base and in turn business development allowing you to maximize your profits.

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