How to choose the best phone service for business

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There has been tremendous advancements in telecommunications and the business community is today confronted with too wide a choice and unable to determine which business phone system will meet its needs best.

The heartening fact is there are several reliable business phone service providers who can offer you with the phone service you exactly require. The rapid advancements in telephone technology have caused the market to offer you highly efficient and sophisticated phone systems at affordable costs.

Interestingly, business phone system providers now offer packages that include multiple lines, unlimited minutes with no domestic long distance charges. Many providers offer extended features like fax numbers and virtual PBX systems.

As your business phone services consumes a large share of your budget, you should ensure that you are selecting a business phone service provider that offers you the best deals at competitive pricing and also offers additional features your business will need.

Your field staff and employees stationed outside will have to be equipped with the best mobile communication facilities. With the right kind of business phone services you can interact with your customers, employees and other stakeholders better and improve your overall productivity.

It is worthwhile you ponder over the following when deciding on the phone system for your business:

• Since your business will steadily grow over the years and your communication needs will commensurately expand, opt for a system that is scalable.
• Telecoms systems today offer a host of useful features like call forwarding, call transfer, auto-attendant, caller ID, conferencing facilities, speakerphone options, abbreviated dialing etc. Choose the features you would definitely find helpful and do not overbuy.
• If the volume of international calls is likely to be high, then, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones can mean substantial savings in call costs.
• If you have employees who work remotely most of the time, then VOIP could be a wise option.
• Please understand the size of your business and the scale of your operations. Generally speaking, small businesses will use a Key System Unit (KSU) while midsize and large enterprises will use a PBX (Private Branch Exchange). But if you want in factor data, then your business will have to consider ISDN.

For small businesses VOIP looks like a veritable boon, as it can offer free calls, but there are a number of other considerations you should look into before choosing VOIP. Please ensure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection to allow VOIP systems to operate efficiently.

You can have a hosted PBX service (virtual phone system) that offers a wide array of features and flexibility and can be controlled through a web portal.

With Unified Messaging, employees can receive critical fax and voicemail communications directly into their email inboxes. With the voicemail to email solution, important voice messages get automatically forwarded to the secure email inbox.

It is prudent to consultant a telecom professional who will assess your precise communication needs and offer a profile of the equipment that could ideally meet your business requirements.

With so many systems currently available, take your time when drawing up a shortlist of vendors and equipment to ensure you acquire the best before spending your money.

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