How to Take Care of Your BBQ Kebab Skewers and Grills

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Author: Mitchell Johnson

With easy and simple methods you can prevent your BBQ Kebab skewers and grills from rusting. Rust free skewers and grills give a long life to your barbecue. The skewers rust quickly because of several reasons. Barbecue anneals' repeated heating, or softening of the screws and nuts make them susceptible to rust. Along with this, high humidity outside the home and high coating of briquette ash also forms a suitable environment for rusts. Mentioned below procedures, if followed by you, then you can recuperate a rusty BBQ or can protect your new BBQ from getting damaged.

In the first step you will have to disband your BBQ parts and start cleaning them. First switch off the valves of the gas and then detach it from the propane cistern or from the flexible hose that is supplying natural gas to it. Clean the grills by removing the ashes, grill grates and any other loose parts that are not joined together. Automatic BBQ grill cannot be detached, so better to clean them with full care. The BBQ Kebab Skewers also have stains of food on it, so clean it with warm water.

In the second step, you should use a solvent that is not greasy and a rough cloth for removing any old grease or leftover food contents. Using a brush (as thin as wire) clean the left over nuts and screws that cannot be unscrewed. Use delicate scrubbers for removing the rust, so that no scratches appear on the BBQ while cleaning. Inspect each and every nut minutely so that no rust is left over.

In the third step, assemble the unscrewed parts and those screws that have extended or contracted due to the repeated cooling and heating should be replaced. You can get the screws from any nearby hardware shop.

Last step to keep your BBQ rust free and in good working condition is to keep it covered whenever you don't use it. As BBQ is placed outside the home, it has to go through all the harsh behaviours of the climate, like heavy rain, hot and cold temperature. These changing climates can hamper your BBQ. Covers for barbeques are available, buy one and give shelter to your barbeque.

Keep checking your BBQ and its grills and skewers from time to time if you are not using them for a long time. A little attention and care can give a long life to your barbeque.

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