How to Pass a Drug Test – Is There an Easy Way Out?

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Many of you may be required to pass a drug test for various reasons. You may be seeking new employment or may be asked to undergo some tests after being involved in a driving situation or there may be other reasons. The main thing here is to pass the test and come out clean. No one wants to fail a drug test because the consequences could not be very favorable. So, if you are wondering how to pass a drug test, this is just the right space for you.

How many types of drug tests are present?

Drug tests are of four types:
Urine test: This is the very first step that you must clear in order to pass a drug test. It is a simple procedure where you have to provide your urine sample in a container that may be provided by the center where you are taking the test. The sample may then be placed under a test card for immediate analysis or it may be sent away to the lab for tests with the help of a refined gas analyzer.

Hair follicle test: The second step to pass drug testing is going through the hair follicle test. This is considered as quite an accurate type of test and a more sophisticated one at that. Here the tests can actually trace back up to 6 months detecting all sorts of toxins that you may have used during that period. A lot of people shave their head in order to avoid this test but the problem here is that hair samples may be collected from the rest of your body too.

Blood test: This is the third step but it may not be very common since it can become a little expensive and hence may not be the first choice. This is the main reason why a lot of employers do not opt for this type of a drug test because it may cost them more than they may have budgeted for it.

Saliva test: Through this test only toxins used in the last 3 to 4 days can be detected and hence is not a common procedure. Instead the first two procedures may be a more common option if a drug test is something that someone wants to do as mandatory.

How do I pass a drug test?

A lot of you may not like it but the best way to pass a drug test would be to not have any presence of drugs in your body which means that you must not be a drug user. You may also find a drug use time table on the internet to find out how long the effect of a drug could last in your body. This will help you to find out how long it may take you to come clean after you have used a drug. Toxins have a time period till which they last in your system. After that period is passed the effect of the toxins also perish. Find out how long they stay to be safe for a test.

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