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As a small business owner, you have just two options a conventional phone system that relies on phone lines connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), on circuits operated by Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that transmits your voice over the Internet.

VoIP has a host of benefits over traditional phone systems, and last year FCC reported that use of VoIP by business community increased 21%, to over 30 million VoIP subscribers in the entire U.S.A. With VoIP, the provider's network transmits voice and data over the Internet (like email and web data), and completely replaces the earlier switching technology.

VoIP offers small businesses a plethora of features that are either absent or difficult to access using a traditional hard-line system. In the present day scenario, VoIP is the right telecommunication solution for small businesses as it combines phone, data, and video - all into one unified service. Small businesses must take advantage of all the latest innovations in communication systems so as to enhance employee productivity, improve customer service and stay ahead of competitors.

By opting for an Internet-based phone system on your own network, you will stay connected at work at all times and also benefit immensely through cost-savings. There is an array of VoIP systems and plans for small businesses in the market and you can easily pick the one that meets your requirements best.

VoIP system will provide you a host of valuable features including but not limited to call forwarding, call transfer, call wait, conferencing, caller id, call blocking, call screening, voicemail, inexpensive long distance calls etc. It is possible to use VoIP for inbound calls as well. A direct inward dial (DID) phone number can be procured from many VoIP service providers.

You can drastically reduce travel expenses using features like Web conferencing, video calls, and other collaborative tools. VoIP lets you to send more than one phone call across the same Web-based network. The system is scalable and you can add extra phones as your business grows. In other words, you will be paying only for what you use at all times.

VoIP is next-generation telecommunication phone system built on the most advanced technology. VoIP service providers have web-based customer support, as well as over-the-phone help. VoIP is an efficient communication system for your small business as freed from communication deficiencies you will have more time to focus on more productive core business activities. VoIP technology is integrated into systems that your employees are already using, like the web and mobile devices.

The plain truth is most VoIP service providers are targeting small and midsize businesses with attractive plans because larger corporations may choose an IP PBX. This is therefore the right time for you to get a great VoIP deal and it is prudent not to miss the opportunity.

A small business can avail VoIP facility in different ways:

1. Dedicated VoIP phones that connect directly to the IP network using wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi.

2. An analog telephone adapter will connect to the network and activate a traditional analog telephone attached through a modular phone jack.

3.Softphone application software installed on a networked computer that is fitted with a microphone/speaker or a headset. The user can operate the application either through mouse clicks or keyboard.

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