How to Get The Favor of The Venture Capitalists?

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VCs often use the elimination method to choose suitable business case, and they will escape when encountering some type of entrepreneur. In particular, VCs often see several companies in a day, so it's probably that the first impression determines your destiny. The following are some common type of failure.

No passion. VCs often ask the entrepreneur "If you can not convince yourself that this is a great opportunity, how can you convince me to invest in it?" Investors will never be excited without entrepreneur's excitement. Listening to you plain description and the expression of no confidence. the investment in his heart has been secretly devalued. He even suspects that you will soon give up the business.

Blindly optimistic. Another situation frequently seen is that the entrepreneur speak up with plenty of passion and self-confidence, dreaming of a bright future. In their eyes, the enterprise seems to have the world's most competitive products within one year, and they can soon have the market of the whole world. Others believe that with relationship in hand, all customers and orders will be a steady stream. There are still some selling baby pacifier consider people across the country as his customers, but when they are asked about how to achieve that goal, they never think carefully about that.

Half-hearted. I never support the half-hearted entrepreneurs. I have refused to invest in several projects with competitive products, bright market prospects and high-quality entrepreneur. However, the entrepreneur is not resolved to quit his high-paying position in large companies or professorships, only willing to part-time venture. When the venture doesn't develop smoothly, the entrepreneurs retreat while investors have no retreat.

Not focus. Some entrepreneurs can repeatedly build enterprises. They jump from one industry to another every two or three years. When they are face with difficulties, they give up and turn to something else which seems popular at that time. I quite admire their passion and energy, but always jumping around will never succeed. Any industry, in order to do a good job are accumulated, the focus in order to allow you to build in the long-term accumulation of your strengths and competitiveness. If you want to succeed, you must focus on only one industry because any enterprise needs accumulation to strengthen your advantage and competitiveness.

Undesirable history. Investors entrepreneurs more or less will do background investigation whether through online search to find whether there is related litigation, criminal records, customers and employees complaint or by turning to familiar friends about the entrepreneurs in interpersonal networks, such as previous employers or partners, to get feedback. Stain of history can not totally predict future behavior, but if ever there was integrity and moral issues, the investor can't be willing to give such entrepreneurs money to manage it?

In some investors' eyes, they put people at the first position, which is ahead of the position of market and product. That's because market will change all the time and products can be improved, but the character of a person is hard to change.

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