Advanced functionalities and features of Hosted PBX Systems

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The hosted PBX system delivers the entire PBX functionality either over the PSTN or the internet. With a hosted PBX system, the subscriber can avail all the features of the telephone and the voicemail system without having to invest on PBX hardware.

Hosted PBX Systems are steadily gaining in popularity amongst the business community. This should cause no surprise as Hosted PBX systems have an array of advanced functionalities and features. Furthermore, hosted PBXs are economically priced and several small as well as midsize businesses can easily afford them.

Needless to say, communication is crucial for successfully running any business - more so, in today's market scenario of fierce competition. Customers mostly favor companies that offer the best of communication facilities for quick and easy interaction.

Hosted PBX offers your employees and your clients a very simple and a robust communication facility. This apart, hosted PBX relieves the employees of the bother of handling the PBX and enables them to concentrate on their core activities. Thus, the hosted PBX can immensely contribute towards enhanced productivity.

The Hosted PBX with its range of advanced features and functionalities can help you maintain high standards of communication, while drastically minimizing your business telecommunication expenses. Some of the advanced features of hosted PBX are:

1.Auto-Attendant - All incoming calls will be answered by an auto-attendant that acts as a virtual receptionist directing callers to the extension they need.

2.Call Forwarding and routing - Depending on the call routing and forwarding settings you have programmed for your system, callers are sent to different extensions or sent to voicemail. This feature is highly flexible as you can change the call routing program according to time of day, day of week, caller ID and other factors.

3.Dial by name - When callers dial your number, they are given the option to reach the person they need through dial-by-name directory.

4.Music-On-Hold - Callers waiting on the line can listen to music of your choice.

5.Voice nail- Each extension is equipped with voicemail. This ensures that no call is missed or neglected. Unanswered calls will straightaway reach the voicemail which you can access through your phone or your online account.

6.Direct inward dialing - This is a fascinating feature. Callers can directly dial the extension they want to contact bypassing the auto-attendant.

7.Online call management - By logging in to your account, you can perform actions, change settings, view call logs, and access voicemails and faxes.

8.Call screening - You will know who is calling before you answer the phone. Apart from caller ID display, the caller can be asked to reveal his name (through the auto-attendant) for you to hear in your phone or your computer speaker.

9.Internet fax - The Internet fax facility is a huge blessing. It is integrated into your system, enabling you send /receive as also manage your fax online.

10.Toll free numbers - You can choose a local or a toll free number depending on your business needs. This number you get upon signing up with your service provider is the gateway to your office. By dialing this number, callers can reach the person or department they are looking for. As you are aware, a toll free number is a powerful marketing tool to boost your sales.

11.VoIP - This is an advanced technology that lets you make/receive calls over the Internet, instead of traditional phone lines. This facility will drastically reduce your operational costs. It may require specifically designed IP phones. Hosted PBX VOIP can save your enterprise a lot of money particularly on long distance calling.

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