How do you refinish concrete flooring?

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Author: Leonard Simmons

Many homeowners – and business owners are unhappy with their concrete flooring, but do not know about concrete floor finishing.  This is a process that can completely transform your business environment and really impress your customers.  Most times we think of concrete floors as a dull, gray and overall “blah” floor cover that does not have any options, when actually the opposite is true.  Depending on your needs, you can hire a reputable contractor to completely makeover your interior.  There are so many eye-catching and diverse options for this type of service, it boggles the mind!


Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces you could possibly have in your auto garage, warehouse or other industrial shop.  However, business owners with other professions can greatly benefit as well.  Concrete floors can make for a bold and dynamic look for automobile showrooms, contemporary office lobbies and galleries of any sort.  These floor choices are very long-lasting and do not require the frequent maintenance you may encounter with wood flooring and will look much more attractive than linoleum or plastic choices.  The durability of concrete makes this floor finish an incredible value, especially when you hire a contractor who has years of experience.


You may be thinking “Umm, its concrete – how nice can it really look?”  You will be astounded at the look and feel you can achieve by finishing your current concrete floors.  If you want trendy modern – it can be done.  If you want classic and traditional – a great concrete refinisher can do that to.  The versatility of this material is truly staggering as you can basically choose a color or stain in any shade or color to create a bold new look, or to complement your current interior palette.  Certain finishes can resemble other materials like brick or tile to create a homier and earthy feel, or you can go with a more elegant and polished finish that can be crafted to look like more costly materials such as marble.


As you can see, concrete flooring is a no-brainer for the prudent and savvy business owner.  By making an affordable investment in your building, you can enjoy long lasting value for years to come.  You need not have boring flooring; let your creative juices flow and make a small renovation to create a whole new look that is sure to impress.  Not only will your current customers enjoy the change, you can also astonish any potential new clients that pass through your doors.

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