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The telecommunication sector has witnessed some rapid advancement in recent times and today you have a variety of standard as well as advanced systems of telephony for business houses to choose from. There are a number of advanced business phone systems that help to enhance productivity as also minimize telecommunication expenses.

Business enterprises can now command sophisticated facilities like email, text messaging, instant messaging etc. The only possible demerit is most of these advanced facilities have replaced the personal pleasure of hearing a voice at the other end of the line. But the fact remains that the present day advanced phone systems are significantly contributing towards business growth.

Today's telephone technology offers a variety of options for improving your business productivity, enlarging your customer-base and developing better customer rapport – to add impetus to your business growth.

The advanced telephony that you choose can make it easy and effortless for you to reach your customers, your suppliers, your employees, business associates and all other stakeholders.

Private Branch Exchange– Familiarly known as PBX, these systems are ideal for large businesses having 50 or more employees. This is one of the most rampantly used business telephone systems and can also be quite expensive. It has incredible features that business enterprises will find most useful.

You can also opt for Hosted PBX systems whereby you are not required to invest/manage/maintain any equipment at your premises. There are service providers who will assume total responsibility for all your communication needs leaving you ample time to attend to your core business activities.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol System) – This is the latest innovation in the realm of telecommunication. VoIP systems rely on the internet for communications and result in huge cost-savings. Since the Internet is available worldwide, VoIP system makes communication portable - making it easy for traveling employees or field workers to communicate.

This system is a veritable boon to the business community and can contribute meaningfully for business growth. Since most business houses are switching over to VoIP technology, you will do well to follow suit if you want to stay on course and not let your competitors grab the market.

Since most business houses are switching over to VoIP technology, you will do well to follow suit if you want to stay on course and not let your competitors grab the market.

For your business to grow, your business communications tools should be efficient, cost-effective and easy to navigate. Modern telephone systems come with valuable features galore and you will have to consider the type of features that will serve your current needs with attention to possible future expansion.

You can add special features such as voicemail, messaging on-hold, headsets, conferencing, call forwarding, auto-attendant, email notifications, customized music on hold (MOH), managing voice mail via phone or web interface, internet fax, smart call pickup, speed dialing, CDR support (search by caller, called, date of call, etc), DID, SQL reports etc.

You will find that each of these features will help you improve your overall business efficiency. But exercise caution and do not needlessly overbuy features your business does not need or w ill never use. With a plethora of choices, selecting your new business telephone system can seem intimidating. You can consult a telecom professional before finally deciding on the type of system and the required features.

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