How Is A Commercial Roofing Contractor San Antonio Different?

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What is a commercial roof?

A commercial roof is the ceiling of a commercial building and this is something which is very much different from a normal roof in the domestic front. There are many aspects which differentiate these roofs from the domestic ones and the commercial roofing contractor San Antonio should know them. This is the main reason that he is hired instead of a general contractor for the task. The first difference is the slope of the roof. The domestic roofs are sloping in shape but this is not the case with the industrial buildings. They are flat and thus, face many problems than the former ones. With a flat ceiling, the water gets clogged easily and this is difficult to remove. The person should hire extra workers to remove all the water from the building or risk facing water related problems on the walls and mould growth as well.

What materials will the professional use in the making of these roofs?

In the initial stages, these roofs made use of hot tar on them as a protective layer. This is very much needed to ensure that it provides durability. As time passed by, the professionals started to use another material on top of this hot tar- gravel. This added layer will only protect the ceiling better. Another change is that of the materials used in the insulation process which provides the feature of energy efficiency. New advanced products are used in the making of this insulation layer.

Is the design of this roof different from that of the residential roofs?

This is one of the prime differences as mentioned in the beginning of the article. The size of this roof is very large and thus, the designing will also be different. The main aim of the difference in designing is to ensure that the building can withhold the weight of the roof. For this purpose, the commercial roofing contractor San Antonio is making use of metal in the making. There are many benefits of using this material and durability is one of the most important ones. There are metals which can last for more than a hundred years and getting these installed will be a once in a life time investment on the building needs. However, it should be checked regularly for any repairs so that a small one can be fixed immediately rather than paying for a bigger one later.

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