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Flirtatious ladyboys, gleaming temples, absorbing museums and lively nightlife ! No doubt, these are few of the biggest temptations that make Bangkok holidays a massive phenomenon all over the world. But beyond these shimmering, glittering tourist delights lies a city – a city whose cultural radiance is second to none, a city whose gastronomic pleasures are simply mouth-melting and a city whose religious fervour dazzles all!

It surely would not be wrong to say that almost every tourist who plans holidays to Thailand travels to Bangkok. Bangkok holiday packages are sought after all across the planet and it is the multi-faceted character of the city that makes them so. Here is a peek into city’s various facets.

Bangkok Culture

Culture is a very prominent part of Bangkok and Thailand in general. In fact, it is the incredible amalgamation of a rich culture and contemopary allures that has resulted in making the city such a popular name in global tourism. The city is replete with beautiful temples and museums, which are the biggest testaments of the region’s mesmerising cultural inheritance.

Bangkok Religion

Thailand is submerged into spiritual fervour and how! Many first time visitors to Bangkok are actually surprised with the level of religious zeal displayed by the locals. Most of the people in Thailand follow Hinayana Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism. Buddhism has indeed permeated deep into each and every aspect of life in Thailand, be it literature, food or architecture. Buddhist monks are highly revered by Thais, indicating their earnestness towards the religion.

Bangkok Festivals

Infinite excitement and absolute merriment are the trademarks of celebrations in Bangkok. This city is known all over the world for indulging in over the top, extravagant revelries – not that anyone is complaining. Thai calendar is stuffed with dates that commemorate different festivals and events. Some of the most important ones are Chinese New Year and Songkran. While the Chinese New Year triggers off wild celebrations throughout the city, Songkran is a water-throwing festival that appeals highly to the foreign visitors who plan their cheap holidays to Bangkok around it.

Bangkok Food

Thai food is deliciously wonderful! A huge hit in the western part of the world, Thai cuisine is known for its tingling sensation that resonates of yummy local spices and flavours. Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and Kai Med Ma Muang are some of the most popular Thai delicacies that are responsible for pampering your taste buds. For true Thai flavour, check out the street side eateries!

Bangkok Climate & Best Time to Visit

Bangkok’s temperature is hot for most parts of the year and gets hotter in summer (March to May). November to February generally considered the ideal time to plan cheap holidays to Thailand. Plan early lest you will end up paying a bomb!

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