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  • Never Get Scammed in Runescape by Wendy Liu

    Runescape is a famous 3D massively multiplayer online game which released by Jagex game studio. In this wonderful game, you can slay the monsters, gain rewards and accomplish difficult and easy missions. For its interesting and very closing to life, it has attracted more than 200 million players. Every day, there are nearly 80 thousand active Runescape players at a time.

  • Help To Stop Gambling With Hypnosis by Roseanna Leaton

    Gambling is something that can get you hooked. Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to get off that hook and stop gambling once and for all.

  • Is Beta Testing Games For You? by Clarence Robertson

    Playing video games is fun, but working video games is a career. The career of beta testing games is booming and everywhere you look on the Internet, there are claims of outrageous salaries you can expect for testing games for large corporations...

  • The Career That Allows You To Get Paid To Test Games by John S. Young

    You may have heard how some people have the dream job of getting paid to test games. Yes, it's true, there are some lucky testers out there who are paid money to test games, find the glitches that exist inside them and report back to the developers. This position is also known as a Quality Assurance Analysts and that sounds a lot more impressive than professional...

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