Fuel Saving Tips for Used Commercial Trucks

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Author: Liza Smith

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Can you imagine being happy with getting six to eight miles per gallon in your car? Most of us would not be impressed at all, especially considering the cost of fuel these days. Yet for professional commercial truck drivers, striving to increase their fuel mileage is one of the most challenging aspects of truck driving today. Getting six to eight miles per gallon means the commercial truck is operating very efficiently. Some used peterbilt trucks or other commercial trucks for sale may only get four miles per gallon, with that kind of fuel mileage it may be time to seek out used truck sales dealerships and upgrade your equipment. Those who drive for a company don't have to worry much about the cost of fuel or how many gallons they get per mile. They get paid based on the number of miles they drive. Owner operators pay very close attention to these figures because the cost of fuel in many cases can be as much as 40% of the gross earnings per month.

There are many factors that will affect your fuel mileage in a commercial truck this would include the wind and the weight of the load you’re hauling. The cost of fuel per gallon is also something that you can’t do much about, but there are some ways you can increase your fuel mileage that wouldn’t cost a heck of a lot.Many commercial trucks for sale in the market place offer a heavy drag in order to pull a standard size trailer. These can be modified to still offer enough power but without the weight. Many owner operators like to add chrome and nice accessories to their peterbilt trucks or commercial trucks. Try to avoid too much of this, especially those pieces that are quite heavy as they will add weight and increase the amount of fuel your truck consumes.The amount of air in the tires will affect your fuel mileage as well. They should be routinely checked to ensure they don't have too much or not enough air. If you seem to have a tire with a continuous air leak in it, have the tire repaired or replaced.The amount of air while driving may impact a commercial trucks fuel mileage as well. There are special designed wind deflectors you can place under your truck as well as on the roof that will cut the amount of resistance from wind while driving, these fuel saving add-on’s can be found at your used truck sales dealerships or any truck accessory warehouse.

There are some hybrid models of commercial trucks in the market today that can save you money as well increase your fuel mileage. Since they will run on solar power during the day, the only fuel that will be consumed is when the energy cells have run out or the sun has gone down. You can expect to see many more hybrid commercial trucks on the road in the years ahead.Think about the weight of a commercial truck before you purchase it, this may affect your fuel mileage as well, the heavier the truck the more fuel consumption. Sure, having all those accessories inside your truck is nice, but if you want to make a decent profit you need to compromise. Let’s face facts, you need to make as much profit as possible and incorporating these various types of idea’s will increase your fuel mileage in your used peterbilt truck or in any commercial trucks for sale.

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