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Author: Scott Ryan

My Electric Calgary is a beautiful city. As a matter of fact, it could be considered the Paris of Alberta.

And just as the City of Light glows in the dark in France, Electric Calgary will bring a glow to the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

From the lights of the towering monoliths in downtown, to the warm purple-blue lights of the Langevin Bridge and to the spectacular fireworks wrapping up a day’s activities of fun at the Calgary Stampede, Electric Calgary strikes a chord throughout the city to those who stop pause and drink it in.

However, there are other reasons why it could be known as Electric Calgary. In addition to the beauty of electric power coursing through our lights, there are the obvious utilitarian uses of electricity.

Our lives depend on the power in this city.

Of course electricity is used for powering our homes as well. And we should be respectful, as well as careful, to keep the electrical systems in our houses in good shape.

If you have a new home, you are likely to have a state-of the-art electrical system installed; you have no worries. However, if your home is older, then you have to perform a maintenance check on it from time to time.

You may be thinking that you don’t need to have any sort of maintenance of your home electrical service. After all, nothing moves at, does it?

The odd switch for turning on the lights; and that’s about it!

However, this naïve thinking can get you into trouble – maybe even catastrophic trouble.

Even though you cannot see it, there is plenty of movement! Electricity is surging through the wiring in your home at the speed of light on a continual basis.

This current causes heat when moving through circuitry. If there a strong demand for this current, the source will try to supply it. Much like a hose, wiring can only handle so much flow. If there is too much, then it can build up heat, melt and cause fire.

If a wire has come loose in a connection with a fixture such as an outlet, switch, or light, a gap can result in arcing, where electrons actually jump though the air. We’ve all seen this in the form of a spark. This can range from mild to rather spectacular.

Welding makes use of this phenomenon when tremendous heat is created to melt steel together. The light from a welding torch is so bright – brighter than the sun - it can cause retinal damage in your eyes even from a great distance.

Electric power can burn, electrocute and kill. The electrons coursing through the lines in our Electric Calgary are to be respected. They can be harnessed and tamed with almost perfect safety in the hands of someone who trained to do it.

As technology races ahead, the demands on the electrical services in our homes increase as well.

Canadian Electrical Codes are continually updated as the people responsible learn about keeping this beast in check.

Unfortunately, sometimes they learn and impose regulations only after there have been a series of catastrophic accidents arising from old electrical services running up against the modern demands of technology.

Old and outdated electrical services can be dangerous and should be looked at by a master electrician intimately familiar with the Canadian Electrical Code.

They can make recommendations as to what will keep your home safe.

Once you have ensured the system in your home is safe, you can sleep at night without worrying about electrical hazards.

Then you can simply enjoy the electrical power in this our city, Electric Calgary.

For more articles, videos and information and on electrical safety issues in your home go to http://electriciancalgary.net

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