How to Lower your Cholesterol Naturally

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Author: Jewel S. Herrin CPhT

Graduate of Technical College - Pharmacy Technicians Field. National PTCB Certification. MLM marketer. Grandmother of two.

Your doctor has told you that your cholesterol is too high and you need to lower it

before you need medication. What is cholesterol and how do you lower it without drugs?

Cholesterol is described as a waxy substance produced by the liver and is found naturally in certain foods, a certain amount of cholesterol is necessary for the production of hormones and vitamin D. It builds cell walls and aids in the digestion of fats through creation of bile salts. Your body, specifically your liver, produces about 1,000 milligrams of cholesterol daily, which would be more than enough so that if you never ate another piece of fried chicken you would be ok. However we all know you can not escape cholesterol completely because so many foods naturally contain cholesterol.

Your HDL [High Density Lipoproteins] also know as good cholesterol is too low while your LDL [Low Density Lipoproteins] also known as bad cholesterol is too high. So now what do you do? The good news is that you can raise the good and lower the bad through proper diet and excercise. First you should understand that cholesterol is known as lipids which are a form of fat that can be found in animal sources of food such as eggs, meat, and dairy products including milk, cheese and ice cream. While fresh fruits, vegetables and grains contain no cholesterol. You probably consume an average of 150 to 250 milligrams of cholesterol daily in the foods you eat.

By altering your diet to include more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains while decreasing the amount of meat and dairy products that you consume you will be on the road to lowering the LDL and raising the HDL. When you choose your meat for a meal choose lean cuts of meat and prepare them by grilling, steam, boil, or broiling them. Any of these methods will allow the fat to drip away from the meat as opposed to frying where the fat will stay trapped inside. Even baking may be bad; as it allows the meat to soak and reabsorb the natural fats in the meat. Fatty fish such as Salmon, Sardines, Lake Trout, and Halibut are excellent choices because they are high in omega-3 which helps to lower cholesterol. The change in your diet in combination with a doctor approved exercise regimen will have you on your way to a healthier cholesterol level and lifestyle all naturally.

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