Does Neck Pain Lead to Back Pain?

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Author: Molly Larzelere

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Your neck and back are closely related structures in your body, so the likelihood is high that you will eventually begin suffering with back pain if you presently suffer from chronic, untreated neck pain. Plantation chiropractic doctors can offer various techniques to treat both your neck and back before a bad situation becomes worse.

When you suffer pain in your neck, your body is expressing symptoms of stress and misalignment, and that kind of pressure is likely to exert itself down into your back, as well, if it isn’t treated, adjusted or alleviated. Of course, back pain can move into the neck, as well, and both situations are common.

Typically, if you visit a chiropractor for neck pain in Plantation, the doctor will first interview you to understand your medical history and provide a general context for understanding why you are experiencing this specific symptom. A physical exam will follow, as well as possible laboratory, diagnostic, or imaging tests. Rather than merely isolating the pain in your neck and dealing with it on its own terms, a chiropractor will more likely seek to understand why you are experiencing the pain in terms of your entire physical and psychological circumstances.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain in Plantation will vary depending on what is causing you to experience it. If you are experiencing neck pain due to a car wreck, the focus will be on diagnosing any damage that has been done to your neck and back and putting together a plan of rehabilitation. If your neck is bothering you because you work for long hours at a desk, it’s likely that you will be given instructions on appropriate posture and ergonomics, which is something your medical doctor would probably suggest, as well.

But unlike your family doctor, a chiropractic doctor may begin treatment by making manual adjustments to your spine by moving your joints around and using controlled thrusts and other movements to improve the range and motion of your neck and head. You may also be advised on proper nutrition and exercise, as well, in order to alleviate pain and to restore your neck’s functionality, as well as a possible rehabilitation program that includes adjustments or other forms of therapy to move you towards your optimal health.

Unlike most medical professionals, the objective of the chiropractor is not ultimately to relieve you of pain or to heal you, but rather to provide the best possible physical and psychological circumstances whereby your body is enabled to heal itself, thereby relieving you of chronic neck pain, and saving you from future back pain, as well.

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Your neck and back are closely related structures in your body, so the likelihood is high that you will eventually begin suffering with back pain if you presently suffer from chronic, untreated neck pain.

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