Do Subliminal Messages Work? Research Shows They Do

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Author: John S. Young

You wouldn't believe that I'm 92 years old this year -- at least if you were to be around me! I get around better than most folks half of my age, and I have never had a serious illness in my life. How do I do it? Read some of my articles and you'll find out.

Negative thinking can significantly affect your life. Whether you are trying to lose weight, learn a new language or quit smoking, these beliefs prevent you from achieving your goals even when everything tells you your methods should work. How can you overcome these so you can get to where you want to be in life? You may be thinking about using subliminal mp3s. Do subliminal messages work? Studies show that they do. The messages bypass your conscious mind and allow you to achieve what you are trying to without running into various obstacles. What exactly does the research show and how do subliminal messages work?

A number of studies have been done on the topic of do subliminal messages work and the answer comes up yes. They repeatedly prove you can achieve your goals with the help of subliminal messages. Although you should not use these messages as a replacement for standard medical care, they can be an added tool in your arsenal to help you achieve success. One study shows that your unconscious mind perceives verbal messages even when they are not processed by your conscious. This study was conducted by V.A. Kaser and found that, even when you are sleeping, the messages enter the brain and will be remembered upon awakening. Another study, conducted by L.H. Silverman and associates, studied women who were a minimum of 15% overweight. They were divided into two groups and one group received subliminal messages while the other did not. The group receiving the messages lost more weight and this continued even during follow up.

If you are still wondering do subliminal messages work, here are more results that will help to convince you. Academic performance improves when subliminal messages are used and smokers are four times more likely to be successful when they attempt to quit if subliminal messages are a part of the program to quit smoking. Many other studies have all also been done and they have come to the same conclusion. Now you can achieve success all with the help of subliminal mp3s. Experts such as Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf all commend the use of this self help method so you can feel confident that you will see benefits also.

As no two people react the same way when exposed to subliminal messages, hypnosis and other self help techniques, the best thing for you to do is try using subliminal mp3s and see how they work for you. Do subliminal messages work for everyone? Not necessarily as no two individuals are alike, but it can't hurt to try them. Many though, when asked do subliminal messages work, would give a definite yes

Subliminal messages, new age, meditation, yoga, self help, stress relief, hypnosis -- I am into it. I find them all helpful, each in their own way, and I encourage you to check out each of these various disciplines to see if they might help you as well.

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