Did You Know Healing Music Can Be A Musical Prescription For Anxiety?

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Author: Carl Tambeau

Carl Tambeau has been an online marketer since 2006. Carl lives in Canada and enjoys writing for various audiences, mainly the self help niche. He has been successful in attracting readers and appealing to their needs around the world. With 20+ years experience in business, Carl can bring you expertise and in turn bring you closer to living a life of abundance and prosperity. This experience combined with his coaching and marketing skills will be a huge contribution to the online community.

A few months back I met an old buddy who I haven't seen in years and of course the first question that came up was "So what are you doing these days?" After finding out what he did for a paycheck, he was surprised to hear of the writing I have been doing. We talked in length for some time and I found out through conversation that he suffers from episodes of anxiety attacks. Sometimes he gets so frustrated with this type of challenge it makes him very angry. As we talked a bit more about his challeges, I told him about healing music - he was very interested to hear more about this music so we made a comittment to get together and discuss it.

After a few weeks I hadn't heard from him and one day out of the blue he gave me a call as he was desperate to get a solution for his anxoius behaviour, and he wanted to investigate the benefits of the type of music we talked about a few weeks back. Now keep in mind this is a guy who tried everything from acupuncture to Qi Qong and various other relaxation techniques and nothing seem to provide lasting affects or more than anything he quickly lost interest in these techniques.

As we talked he described a recent family fight which affected his wife and two children, one child was 8 years old and the other was 12. The fight was a direct result of escalated anger which turned to rage. He has no idea what happen to get to this point, he was feeling out of control and was commenting on how this is no way for children to be brought up - I agreed with him as there was a point in time the same sort of thing happened to me.

We were able to talk through what happen before and during the fight and the common denominator was the hold his anxiety had on his life and his families too. They were starting to get resentful towards him as he refused to get help and he was frustrated with the situation and the fact he was suddenly in a position that his life was out of control as a result of this anxiety thing. My advice to him was to see a medical professional about this disorder but in the meantime start listening to relaxation music before drifting off to sleep. He agreed to do both.

A month past before we met again but when we did - WOW - what a difference in his overall mood, his expression was more relaxed, he told me his blood pressure was back to normal and he is actually sleeping through the night. Curious to know what he actually did he mentioned to me he not only listened to the healing music composition I gave him, at night, but also at some points during the day he would take a few minutes and listen to this piece of music. He did go to his family physician who prescribed medication and referred him to a phycologist who he went to see. The amazing thing is though, he never once got the prescribtion filled. He told me he found the music was his prescription and along with seeing the psycologist he was doing much better. For me this was an amazing testiment to the research I have been doing.

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