Determining If a Whole House Generator is Right For You And Your Choices

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Author: Michelle Thompson

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If you are a safety conscious person, or you live in an area that's prone to blackouts, then investing in a home generator might be the answer for you.


Basically, a generator converts mechanical energy into electric energy in order to keep essential appliances running in the event of an emergency, like lights, refrigerators or heating and air conditioning.

The market for home-generators has increased, along with companies that manufacture them, so that there is now a wide range of generators available for purchase. Generators run on a variety of fuels, such as Gasoline, Natural Gas, NG (Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

These types of generators are decently priced. A 4000W generator costs around $350. These models are great for backing up power for shorter amounts of time, but would need refilling if they were being used all day for instance. For greater security, an emergency stand-by system would be a better option.

These systems connect directly to an outside source, such as a natural gas line or external power, and can be hooked up to start at the push of a button, as opposed to the portable systems, which are rolled out, filled with gas, and turned on.

Generators can be loud, but noise reduction technology has advanced so that presently there are many models of generators which are very quiet. It is difficult to come across a completely silent generator, however some come quite close. Honda makes a generator that weights 78 pounds and produces noise at a level of only about 57-65 decibels.

This is quiet enough that there won't be any complaints from neighbors. Another feature of a silent generator is that it is great to take on trips to the beach, or camping, as it can run any standard appliance. If you are considering purchasing a generator, there are a few options. Buying online is usually a good bet, as the selection is huge, and you are able to look at product reviews from prior customers so you can be confident the product will meet quality standards.

Another option is buying second-hand, which can be good or bad depending on the seller. It can be a risk as you may not be made aware of problems the machine may have had, or repairs that have been done. Lastly, your local hardware store is always a great option, as there will be experts on hand to assist you in your decision making. Before you buy, research is always important, so I hope this article has helped in that regard.

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