Cupertino Dental Implants – Merits & Demerits

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Author: Dr. Khalil Saghezchi

Bridges and dental implants both serve the purpose of replacing the missing tooth. Dental implants have been adopted by many of us and are preferred as the best alternative for the false tooth because of its promising and successful results. Dental implants offer a great future to the dentists, thus most of the dentists in Cupertino do dental implants, even dentists in Sunnyvale are not lacking behind.

Because of the medical field advancement and evolvement of new technologies, a person’s lifespan has changed drastically. The modern medical science has made a great contribution in curing numerous periodontal diseases, as the lifespan of human tooth is not long. To replace the missing tooth, people have started visiting doctors to take dental implant sittings. People prefer dental implants because of their durability and natural appearance.

However, before getting done dental implants, you should consider its merits and demerits. Keep on reading to get to know about the pros & cons.


Dental implant’s prime benefit is that it is capable of providing a tooth that is similar to the natural in regards of appearance. The dentist uses the dental implant treatment for treating tooth abscesses & vivid types of periodontal diseases. If you have unluckily lost your tooth at an early age due to some accident or trauma, then you can benefit yourself from the dental implant. Additionally, this modern cosmetic procedure can also be used for proving support to the unhealthy adjacent teeth. The lifespan of this treatment is very big, thus you don’t have to rush to the dentist. No or little maintenance is required throughout their lifetime. Dental implants are 98% successful, provided proper postoperative care has been taken. There are two crown material options for you – ceramic or porcelain. The former material for making crown is a bit expensive, while porcelain material renders natural look a little more than the ceramic one. You can eat and chew naturally without any inconvenience as you may face in case of dentures.


There are always two sides of a card. Merits and demerits come together. Opting for dental implants may not be feasible choice for all. The overall cost incurred for getting done the whole treatment is high. This treatment is not covered by all dental insurances. If your jawbone is weak or you have any bone disease, then dentists in Sunnyvale will never recommend dental implants to you. If you are having multiple missing teeth, then better select bridges or dentures because dental implant may take out a lot of money from your pocket.

The author has mentioned why dentists in Sunnyvale and dentists in Cupertino do dental implants. For more information please visit

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