Contesting a Will? Find an Estate Attorney in New York or New Jersey!

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Though you probably hear about famous litigation cases involving the wills of our crazy celebrities, will contests happen in the average personâ??s life as well. Many times, a will might have an unfair clause or might have been written under the influence of someone else. In these cases, you need to start up estate and trust litigation in New Jersey or your state of residence.

Finding the right will contest attorney can be difficult, even though probate ligation in New Jersey happens all the time. At The Probate Litigation Resource Center, we can provide you with an experience attorney who can help you settle the disputes in your favor. Common Reasons Why a Will Would Be Contested.

With wills, the interpretation can be complex and convoluted because the spouse or parent that designed it is not around to explain just exactly what they meant. Even if they had a legal will drafted, questions regarding intent are likely to come up before the estate is dispersed.

Common will contests are the result of:

  • Undue influence
  • Alteration of the intent of the testator
  • Demands and objections for estate accounting
  • Challenges against trustees
  • Removal of an executor
  • And many other problems

For each scenario, these will contests can be solved by consulting an estate attorney in New Jersey.

Find an Estate Litigation Attorney at The Probate Litigation Resource Center

At The Probate Litigation Resource Center, Russell J. Fishkind, Esq, is ready to handle any and all estate and will contests, whether you need to defend what the will states or need to dispute what has been written. With many successful cases under his belt, he is confident that he can help you.

To discuss the details of the will or estate contest with someone you can trust, contact The Probate Litigation New Jersey Resource Center today!

Our Probate Litigation Attorneys in New Jersey are experienced. Should you have any questions, you can email Russell J. Fishkind, Esq. or any attorney on our team for a quick response. Call today on (609)452-5043 or visits our website for a legal consultation.

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