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Author: Mark Haigh

Playing the lottery is probably one of the worlds most popular pastimes - after watching TV and maybe golf, or fishing. Despite being a bit of a maths geek, and knowing all the odds of winning (or losing!), I still love to play. Where else can you get that much entertainment value for so little!?

There are many reasons why people like to gamble. Some people like the competition. They like to have the opportunity to prove that they have skill or luck that can allow them to perform better than other people. Some people like gambling because it is fun. It is a form of entertainment and is something that they do not do on an everyday basis. Others like it because they have the opportunity to win a lot of money. Some use gambling as a way to relax and get away from their normal lives.

Some famous celebrity gamblers include: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Charles Barkley. There are a lot of stories that circulate about celebrities and gambling. George Clooney is rumored to have borrowed six hundred dollars from Matt Damon while he was at the Blackjack tables. Clooney reportedly lost twenty-five hands in a row before leaving the table. Some celebrities have had gambling losses totaling in the millions of dollars. Charles Barkley admits that gambling has probably cost him ten million dollars.That can be hard for an everyday person to understand. Many people will not make that amount of money in their lifetimes. It is all relative, since some gambling celebrities may have careers that may earn them several hundred million dollars over time. Barkley is estimated to have earned forty-four million dollars throughout his career.

Celebrities play the lottery too. Simon Cowell says he still buys lottery tickets, despite being one of the world's richest music millionaires. He didn't say how much he'd won so far though - maybe he should start an X-Factor lottery syndicate, or join my current favorite syndicate Love My Lotto.

People are naturally interested in what celebrities are doing. Celebrity gamblers also receive a lot of attention. Many of them may not want the public to know that they gamble a lot while others do not care if the public knows. A lot of them are followed around by cameras a lot so it would be hard for them to keep their gambling habits a secret for long even if they desire to do so. Tiger Woods has been reported to have routinely played Blackjack at twenty-five thousand dollars a hand.

Celebrity gamblers are known for making big bets and having lots of fun. Paris Hilton's family banned her from one of the casinos that her family owns after losing her Bentley in a poker family. A lot of them live all aspects of their lives at elevated levels so it is no different when they gamble. Some of them know how to walk away from their game or vice of choice while others have gambled away a good portion of their fortunes. At least the sports stars and actors have the ability to earn back the amount of money that they lose at the tables. Some of them will earn it back and then have fun losing it all over again.

Mark Haigh is a maths geek and writer who also holds a secret fascination with playing the lottery. Read on if you'd like to know what are the most popular winning lottery numbers or what are the most common lottery numbers. The answers will most likely surprise you.

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