Can Yoga Tighten and Firm My Core?

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Author: Charry Morris

Charry Morris, personal yoga instructor to the United States Ski Team athletes, developed the Yoga Weight Loss System when she lost over 60 pounds with Yoga. She shares here secrets and everything she learned and will help guide you to do the same in the Yoga Weight Loss System.

Solar Power and Yoga

Yoga is great for your core!. It is one of the best exercises, period.  When we find our center, we are more confident and empowered. Yoga brings us back to our core time and again. Through the breath and movements of yoga, our bellies are toned, heated and reenergized: much like the sun. Let’s explore the vital nature of the naval center and how it will help you to lose weight.Yoga strengthens your core!

Lie on your belly or visualize yourself lying on your belly. Does it feel bloated, hard, full, or blubbery? What emotions arise as you bring your awareness to and around your naval? Do you feel ashamed, embarrassed, sad, or angry?

The solar plexus is the hub of digestion. Herein lays your stomach, intestines, liver, and gall bladder. If your stomach gets overstretched and lax due to overeating and under exercising, your entire digestion gets off track. You begin to gain weight, but moreover, you start to have less energy and acquire a higher risk of illness and disease.

Yoga leads you to examine your life and how you are choosing to live it at this moment. It begs you to ask the question: “Who Am I?” If you start believing the inner critic and the uncompassionate inner judge of the ego, you might continue to head down the path of over eating and under exercising. But, if you begin to strengthen your will power by saying no to the soda, the ice cream, the extra serving, then you start to heat up the tapas (the inner drive) of your practice. You start to come back to your core power.

What is core strength anyway? Is it abs of steel, or is it a will of iron? Is core strength purely physical and muscular or is it psychological as well?

We all have desires. It has been said that you are what your deepest desire is. But, are the desires of the senses, the taste, smell, look, sound, touch of what you are consuming what is driving your impulse decisions, or is it your Will Power that is in charge? Sure, we all want a beautiful, beach ready body, but at the center of the issue, will simply doing more abdominal crunches bring about the change you want: or is your body and your life demanding an even greater level of change and commitment?

Yoga will bring you back to your essence. You will find your deepest inner core strength through practice and breathing. The strength of your center will be equal to that of how toned your abdominal muscles will become.

We all need heat to digest our food. It takes inner heat to fire up the digestive juices. Yoga will enhance the capabilities of your gut. Standing poses and single leg balancing poses automatically strengthen all of the deepest core muscles. The wringing and releasing quality of the twists and forward bends will speed up the process of digestion. The poses done on your belly will ignite your solar power and massage the belly organs. You will become more aware of your gut feelings and stoke the solar quality of your will power. You will begin to lose weight by strengthening your belly muscles.

The goal of your yoga practice may or may not be to acquire 6 pack abs. Whether it is, or not, by maintaining your yoga practice either as a cross-training tool, or as a motivational aspect to your life, you will feel stronger and steadier in your gut.

You will have the strength and bright determination of the sun radiating from your core.

Charry Morris, Designer / Author Yoga Weight Loss System

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