Caller ID Control in Office Phone Systems

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Caller ID (Caller Identification) is a highly useful telephony feature available in analog and digital phone systems as also in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. The function of this feature is to transmit the number of the calling person to the called party's telephone equipment while the ringing is heard and well before the call is answered.

If so programmed, it is also feasible for the caller ID feature to provide the name of the person associated with the calling telephone number. This sensitive information appears on the telephone instrument or on an attachable device or through a computer with appropriate interface hardware. To avail the Caller Id on your telephone instrument, you need to have a phone with a screen that will read and identify a number.

As regards outgoing calls, it is your prerogative to let both the name and the number you would like to appear on your Caller ID. The Caller ID feature is quite popular and widely used in many countries across the world. You can have a modem to pass Caller ID information to a computer for call logging or call blocking purposes.

But, the fact remains that this process could run into trouble as modems in different countries are not made to identical technical specifications. Thus, the likely hardware /software incompatibilities can interfere with the proper functioning of Caller ID feature.

But it may be worth knowing that most modems are designed to handle multiple signaling methods and can be made universally acceptable to the local standard.

As stated earlier Caller ID feature can be extremely useful as it will track down and/or restrict persistent nuisance calls from telemarketers, prank calls, anonymous calls, obscene calls and all other unsolicited and undesirable incoming calls.

In fact, many Internet service providers (ISPs) offering dial-up access advise the subscribers to obtain Caller ID feature to prevent abuse of the account by unauthorized and mischievous callers.

If you have a Caller ID facility in your phone system, then every time your phone rings the number and the name of the calling party will appears on the display immediately after the first ring. Then the choice is yours to respond or abstain from attending the call.

There are several service providers in the market who will offer you Caller ID facility for outgoing as also incoming calls. The Caller ID information can also be stored in your call logs so that you can check not only all the calls you have received but also the calls you might have missed.

Interestingly, the Caller-ID Controller also enables you to make digital recordings of your telephone conversations. You can access and review the talk later - though possible only if use only the same telephone. But remember it is illegal to record a telephone conversation without the full knowledge and consent of the calling party.

When buying Caller-ID Controller, you should declare that you will use it only for lawful purposes. Telemarketing organizations are known to spoof caller IDs. Telemarketers and debt collectors are therefore barred by federal law from concealing the phone number or distorting the number when they are calling clients. Caller ID controller usually do not work on calls to 911 and toll-free numbers as also international calls.

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