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  1. Who Knew Employee Productivity Would Increase? by S.Thomas

    Despite economic predictions, employee productivity has increased over the past year. Telltale productivity signs may signal which companies are still competitive in respective industries.

  2. Are You A Political Poser To Your Prospects And Clients? by Troy White

    Election season… ahhhhh… smell the pungent odor of BS throughout the air. Makes you want to puke doesn’t it?

  3. Taking Responsibility by Troy White

    I couldn’t resist re-posting this fantastic article by a good friend and fellow marketer. OH LORDY… LET’S TEXT MESSAGE OUR WAY OUT OF… PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

  4. Earn Your Entrepreneurial Black Belt by Troy White

    An admission: I love getting my my bottom kicked.Since I was a teen, I have been active in one form of martial arts or another. Starting off with Tae Kwon Do, moving to Karate, then to Kickboxing and Muay Thai, finally ending up back in Tae Kwon Do… where I still train regularly. (First Dan Black Belt).

  5. My Top Time Vampires by Troy White

    We live in an exciting time. From the technology tools at our disposal, to the incredible ability to be connected to anyone, anywhere. Change is rampant. But with the type of change we have, brings with it many challenges that can ruin your work day.

  6. Tough Questions To Ask When Sales Are Slow by Troy White

    Here is what I would do if I was to get into a new business right now, or were suffering from sluggish sales. First thing: I would lock myself away at the library, in a hotel room, or in some form of private location where there are zero distractions and I could dedicate 2 hours minimum (4 hours even better) to this process.

  7. Squeezing Some Spring Cheer Out of Calgary’s Wacky Weather by Troy White

    How to go from 94 degrees in the sun, to 30 degrees and a foot of snow… in 24 hours or less. I love it when the teacher becomes the student.

  8. Wine Barrel Wealth and Hidden Opportunities for the Astute by Troy White

    I realize that times are still tough for many people out there. The last few years were definitely felt here as well. I won’t be one of those posers who pretend all is perfect in la-la land.

  9. Okay, Let’s Talk About What Makes You Weird by Troy White

    Let’s talk about your Eccentricities. Quirks. Bizarre behaviours. Unusual beginnings and family ties. The first step is admitting we all have them. The second step is to get them out there!

  10. Step One In Lead Generation And Follow Up by Troy White

    We ALL need a fresh supply of leads coming into our business. Yet, it can be one of the most difficult things you can do.

  11. Optimist, Pessimist or Opportunist? by Troy White

    Depending on where you live, you may be really excited about what 2012 has to offer… or you may be scared to death of the potential disasters that are lurking around the corner. It has been a challenging 3 years out there.

  12. Are You Drifting? by Troy White

    I am listening to a fantastic audio book right now while out walking the dog. “Outwitting The Devil” was written by Napoleon Hill over 70 years ago, and is just now getting to publication and circulation.

  13. Feeling Stuck or Confused In Your Business? by Troy White

    Most times the answer is right in front of you. You ever felt lost, dazed and confused? Can’t see the answer to that nagging business problem?

  14. 7 Critical Email Marketing Rules by Troy White

    Here’s how you can increase your sales numbers and attract a better quality client Email marketing has transformed the way we can grow businesses. From the costly (yet still highly effective) direct mail world with the postage and printing costs… to the new age of instant delivery and little out-of-pocket costs for a mailing.

  15. Zinging Along With Joe Sugarman by Troy White

    A great recording just posted and a Calgary Writing class coming Hope you had a great week. One of the fun things I did was interview Joe Sugarman.

  16. Partners In Business Or Lone Rangers? by Troy White

    One of the toughest things an entrepreneur can do is work with a partner. Why? Because one of the big reasons we go into business is that we are marketing mavericks, rebels, or independent thinkers.

  17. Procrastination is for Princesses by Troy White

    Tired? Fed Up? Too bad – suck it up, princess! Monday morning after a busy weekend doing stuff around the yard, maybe enjoying in a few cold ones to celebrate the weather. You didn’t sleep well.

  18. I Wish I Had This 8 Years Ago by Troy White

    8 years ago I blindly quit the corporate sales world and went back to my entrepreneurial roots. I had 1-year old twin daughters at home, and my very understanding wife let us become a zero income family so I could follow my dreams.

  19. New Year’s 2012 by Troy White

    It’s here… what have you already done? 2011 flew by in a flash… and 2012 is here waiting for those who can handle what she brings.

  20. Million Dollar Marketing For Beer Budget Marketers… by Troy White

    I looove to learn! And I hope you do too. Creating success also means developing an insatiable appetite to learn about all kinds of varied subjects – marketing being the main one for small business owners.

  21. New Years Success For Those Tired Of 2011 by Troy White

    It’s almost here… what have you done? 2011 is flying by in a flash… and 2012 is here waiting for those who can handle what she brings.

  22. Proof Positive That A Marketing Failure Can Lead To Success by Troy White

    A couple weeks ago a client of mine was going to test a marketing campaign I had prepared for him. For this campaign we were marketing to renovation companies, small homebuilders, roofing companies, siding companies etc.

  23. Failing Your Way To success by Troy White

    What will you do if things don’t turn around fast? Bad trend. Bad trend. I feel like scolding the economy right now.

  24. Right Message… Right Market by Troy White

    Two success stories to share with you on advertising effectively. SUCCESS STORY #1 – Network Marketing Money Machine

  25. Entrepreneurs: Get Your BHAG Going With This… by Troy White

    Is stubbornness costing you a fortune? I am the first person to admit how pig headed I am.

  26. Richard Branson Does This In His Marketing… Do YOU? by Troy White

    One of the easiest ways you can build your business and stand out from the clutter is to create highly memorable promotions. Virgin Mobile loves to leverage Richard Branson’s passion for adrenaline… and has made November 19th National Fearless Day.

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  27. Comfort Zone Warning by Troy White

    One of my biggest pet peeves in marketing is the inability for entrepreneurs to step outside of their comfort zone. I consult with, and write sales copy for, business owners from all over the world.

  28. Dale Carnegie… Master Writer? by Troy White

    Was Dale Carnegie a Master Copywriter? A man whose legacy will live forever. A man who has changed millions of lives worldwide. And a man who has more of a grasp on the true art of copywriting than many would ever recognize!

  29. Time Management… The Right Way by Troy White

    One of the greatest challenges I have is time management. Does this sound like you?

  30. How To Fast Track Your Copywriting Success by Troy White

    Last week I had a very familiar question come across my email inbox I wanted to share. Mike had told me some of the background of how he had lost his job, wanted to get going online, but was still lost.

  31. Who To Target In Turbulent Times by Troy White

    Tales from the road… and ramblings of a marketing geek…I just returned from a 3 day event in Calgary hosted by a friend and associate, Greg Habstritt...

  32. Success Keys You May Not Like by Troy White

    4 Brutal Keys To Success In Your Business. I say brutal because some of theses keys may rub you the wrong way – but when you step back and take a non-ego-driven look – they are all very true.

  33. 4 More Nasty Secrets Of Success by Troy White

    Continued from the last post… While these may not be popular or “sexy”, they are important and will fast track your success.

  34. Success Leaves Clues… Are You Listening? by Troy White

    Why do so many people insist on reinventing the wheel? You see it everywhere… …wanna be entrepreneurs that start and struggle because they are too stuborn (or stupid) to go to the local library or book store.

  35. The Action Reaction For Passionate Entrepreneurs by Troy White

    The Action Reaction Formula. I was fortunate to learn early that money loves speed – and that failure is actually a form of success.

  36. The Drunk Priest…The Hells Angels…And Twitter…All In One by Troy White

    Again… thanks for all the comments and interest in this Twitter thing. It was GREAT to have Kenneth post his great success story on Tuesday

  37. Productivity And Profit With 2 Simple Steps by Troy White

    This is a big pet peeve of mine… and is something I am always trying to improve at. Distraction. It eats up your day and limits your income as an entrepreneur.

  38. Are You Oblivious To The Gold Around You? by Troy White

    What could be your easiest and most profitable promotion may be lying there, right under your nose.It seems that nearly every small business owner I talk to is constantly looking for new customers.

  39. If There Was Just One Thing I Could Take With Me... by Troy White

    Someone asked me what one book – or author – I would take with me if I had to leave quickly. What one person would I trust with my financial future if I had to leave it up to one of them?

  40. Learn Effective Time Management Skills and Enjoy Life by Bruce Markey

    Effective time management skills increase your chances of attaining your set target in life.

  41. If There Was Just One Thing by Troy White

    Why do only 5% of businesses keep in touch with their Customers? How do you keep in touch with your clients after the initial sale?

  42. Simple Postcard To Get Them Buying by Troy White

    Sample Postcard for an Art Gallery – $100 investment – $3,000 profit in 5 days (mailed out to 120 people). Done with gold foil invitation look.

  43. Focus, Focus, Focus by Troy White

    I am going through what is one of the busiest times of my life right now. All a good busy... but something I have struggled with... as do many entrepreneurs I know.

  44. Of The fastest ways to bring cash in the door by Troy White

    Every business needs to have an arsenal of tricks they can use to improve their revenues. Things happen...

  45. Creating A "Calgary Stampede" Of New Clients by Troy White

    Yahoo...Starting this Friday, Calgary (where I live) turns into a total country party town for 12 days.The Calgary Stampede is an event that's been running since 1886 - and lays claim to The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

  46. Top 10 Lessons For Small Business Success... As Learned From My Twin 4 Year Olds by Troy White

    Small business success is very similar to learning to walk, talk and spell. The basics have to be understood before moving on to the next step.

  47. Who'd Have Guessed It? by Troy White

    I just received a package in the mail from the US Postal Service (even though I am personally in Canada - I do a substantial amount of my marketing in the US).

  48. How To Profit While You Shop by Troy White

    Here is a great profitable tip for you to use in the next few days while Christmas shopping. I haven't started yet (as usual - usually I start right around December 22nd) but I have been using this for some time and it really will open your eyes.

  49. Kickin' Your Holiday Sales Up 5 Notches by Troy White

    Holiday shopping season is now in full swing... are you doing everything possible to make the last month of your year the best? Right now is when you need to be out there in front of your clients noses - showing them exactly why they should shop with you again.

  50. Another Question With a Lesson in It by Troy White

    Just got this in and wanted to share. As many people I talk to have the exact same question.

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